England. Orwell files #264

Here is an article by Melanie Phillips on leftism and how it is destroying individual freedoms in England. She must be the only one surprised by this. Leftism is designed to destroy individualism and liberalism and to pave the way for a totalitarian state, caving in to man’s second lowest instinct, sanctimony and the desire to control ones neighbours behaviours for their own good of course.

The number of articles published or republished here on Vlad alone this past seven days on the fascist decisions by the British political class or its constabulary is too large to consider them to be exceptions but clearly indicate a policy at work. One of galloping statism, irrational leftism and the deliberate destruction of a traditional England and any kind of real liberalism.

In any case, Melanie Phillips lists quite a few more and gives passing mention to a few that we caught as well here.

British people are forming movements such as the EDL etc. to fight the encroachment of Islam in the UK, and understandably so, as clearly their religious rights are, to quote Ms. Phillips quoting Animal Farm, “more equal than others” but as I see it in England, the real danger is the leftist political class. The ones who acquiesce to every Muslim demand, pass laws against mentioning Muslim terrorism even when the terrorists themselves make videos explaining their obligation to religious Islamic Jihad, and making life for Christians unbearable.

I beg the good people at the EDL and other groups concerned about England to look at home first.

“I have seen the enemy, and it is us”

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  1. Excellently well put. As I like to say about similar patterns: When all the errors are in the bank’s favor, you can be forgiven for thinking there’s more at work than sloppy arithmetic.

    Perhaps God is too busy watching over fools and drunks to spare any time for the British Empire. A pity; they could use Him, about now.

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