Court clears Holocaust cartoon publication

The following story exemplifies pretty much everything that has gone wrong in the west in the last 50 years. First of all, how can a charge even exist that is about feeling insulted? And if such a charge exists then why bother with a judge or court at all. Ask the person who claims to be offended if they are insulted, and when they answer in the affirmative then book em Danno and throw away the key.

Secondly, Geert Wilders would appear to be up on a similar charge in the Netherlands. It will be quite telling if he is found guilty of offending Muslims for telling the truth about Islam, (something even the prosecution does not deny, but mitigates with ‘The truth is not at issue, it is whether or not what Wilders said was Legal”) while the Arab League is found not guilty of insulting Jews for telling lies about a part of history that is sensitive to say the least, to Jewish people.

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From Dutch News:

Thursday 22 April 2010

Judges in Utrecht have found the Dutch arm of the European Arab League not guilty of insulting Jews for publishing a cartoon which suggested they invented the Holocaust.

The league first published the cartoon on its website in response to the Danish cartoons poking fun at Mohammed four years ago and then again last year. The organisation said the aim was not to insult anyone but to highlight double standards in society.

The court said that while the cartoon is tasteless and upsetting, the right to freedom of expression is more important, Nos tv reported.

‘The court considers the cartoon insulting, if considered by itself,’ the court said. However ‘the context in which it is placed removes the criminally insulting nature.’

The public prosecution department had called for a €1,000 fine.

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  1. But look at what kind of cartoons can get one arrested in the Netherlands. The link is to an excellent article from Gates of Vienna on those very double standards in the Netherlands, which also mention that the judge that ordered that arrest cleared the way for Holocaust-mocking humor. Not that I favor any kind of limits on free speech, but that is yet another such example of how far the appeasement of mahoundians and the silencing of their critics have gone in the civilized world.

    It’s certainly not an exaggeration to say that, aside from the lack of the death penalty and other sorts of physical punishment for those found guilty of “insulting” the child-molesting prophet and the “troo beeleevares™” which (not who) worship it (not him), such penalties are sharia-compliant, plain and simple.

  2. In Islam, sharia law states that slander and libel exist when you feel offended by the speech or writing of another, whether it is true or not is not a test of defamation, only that the claimant feels “offended”.

    The Dutch government has appeased Muslims too much over the last decade and more. It is now time for the Dutch to affirm western values and stop the immigration of thousands of Muslims, enforce the right of Geert Wilders to expose Islam as the hateful ideology that it is, and become a truly western nation again.

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