Pim Fortuyn explains his frustrations with the left, and Islam in Holland

R.I.P Pim. At least now, thanks to V.H. and others the English speaking world has an idea who he was and why he was

Please also read this most excellent speech given at Pim’s memorial service sometime after he was murdered by a leftist sympathetic with Islam.

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  1. I have about 3 or 4 Fortuyn videos up now. All well worth checking. There is a theme here. The Dutch government, and government controlled media, not at all unlike the CBC in Canada or the BBC in England, created such hate for Pim, that he was murdered by a far leftist who was sympathetic with Islam.

    Clearly the Dutch are doing exactly the same thing with Mr. Wilders right down to refusing a secure court house which they did give to the man who shot Wilders, and the murderer of Theo Vangogh when they were on trial.

    I feel it is important that the rest of the world see what Pim said, and what happened to him in this context. Please feel free to spread by any and all means if you agree.

    Thanks for reading and posting

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