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2 Replies to “Geert Wilders demonized in the Dutch mass media as was Pim”

  1. When is the next election due in the Netherlands? Wilders’ party is said to win it based on its current popularity. I’m sure the leftists are arselifters will freak. And rightly so. Wilders will stick it to them.

  2. What the left and christian parties are doing is immoral. They have made the situation (bringing into the country thousands uponn thousands muslims/immigrants) without the approval of the people. Then the people get brainwashed with multiculti and political correctness to believe in the left church high ideal. But the people may not complain and let the trouble, which is cause by the people who where brought into the country, not out and be seen in the light of truth.
    Wilders is not popular because he is stirring up something. The feelings where all ready there. A people who have weak leaders will stand up against them. They are not wrong or immoral. The leaders let the wrong and the immoral grown in abbundance.

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