Pigs head found in a few Malaysian Mosques

I have my doubts Christians did this in retaliation for burning down a dozen or so churches. I mean retaliation should take the form of some serious action for the utter hate filled destruction of a dozen houses of worship just because the supreme court of Malaysia decided that it was OK for Christians to use the word ‘Allah’ to mean god. No idea why they would want to, Allah is an invention of the paedophile Mohamed who has attributes nothing like the Christian or Jewish gods. ‘Allah is the greatest of tricksters’ is one paraphrase from Koran about Allah. Don’t remember that from bible school about Jesus.

My guess is, like in Pakistan, some Muslims did this in order to create a religious false flag to really start some Christian killing like when Christians were accused of tearing pages from Koran and whole villages were burned and so on.
Anyway here is the news report with thanks to Taffy

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