News clip on trial of Geert Wilders

There is overall a deafening silence on the trial of Geert Wilders in the west. Still, most people do not know it is going on. In fact, the vast majority of people are well aware of some of the facts of the life of Galileo and his trial by the Catholic church for speaking astronomical truth and paying a price for it. Yet nearly no one knows that same trial is taking place right now in the church of political correctness for blasphemy of Islamic law.

I have it on good authority that broadcast media in the west in some cases will not directly cover this trial as they are just sick of having to defend themselves in various government media regulatory bodies against Muslim complainants.

I have a suggestion:

Get rid of government regulatory bodies of broadcast media. They are not necessary. There is no limit on the amount of spectrum. Notice by the way, this clip is from Russian TV. Perhaps they value freedom more than we do these days. They remember not having any.

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  1. I really really hope the backlash comes when people have the opportunity to vote., I hope they win a majority that makes the fascistic National Socialist/Communists masquerading as democrats, quake on they’re way to oblivion.

    This site explains what is ‘ TAQIYYAH’ , simply it is a holy law in quran , for its believers to be liers and hypocrites with non muslims .
    Iam now a canadian , but my origin is from Egypt , as I grew up there I assure you this the most practiced order among muslim , and I SUPPORT MR GEERT WILDERS STAND for freedom of speech and uncover ALL quranic laws.

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