France follows Swiss lead. No more praying in streets.

Some Paris neighbourhoods have been taken over Fridays with large numbers of Muslims clearly establishing Islamic primacy by taking over huge sections of streets by ‘praying’ in them in such a manner that no other traffic is possible. (videos below) thanks to Tundra and Gaia, we have a translation of a newspaper article on a proposed referendum to end this hostile and predatory practice.

Once again, we see that this is not a religious thing, but a political practice of primacy and total dominance. Below the videos please find the English translation of the letter to President Sarkozi. Remember, this can, will, and is happening now in Canada. It is only a matter of degree and time. The more time, the greater the degree.

Mr. President

This is an appeal for help from the citizens of the 18th arrondissement. For several years now, certain of our streets have been occupied by fundamentalists who come from all over the Parisian region to practice their cult activities.

The pavement for hundreds of metres is taken over, putting pedestrians in grave danger as they are obliged to walk in the street to get past the people “praying”.

Entire streets are roped off with cars and security barriers and no entry signs, preventing the inhabitants of the area from going out or returning to their homes, the shopkeepers from working, ordinary citizens from circulating normally.

Every protest or even a simple attempt to penetrate into the zones occupied by these fundamentalists risks being met by insults, threats and aggression and for some time now no one dares to protest, such is the fear installed in our area.

Are we no longer a secular Republic?  Isn’t occupation of the public highway by unauthorized cultural activities a public order offence?  Is preventing the free circulation of citizens in public areas, by means of threats or other means, normal in our city?  Why do we no longer have the right to enter or leave our homes?  Why do we have to live in a climate of fear?

Mr. Delanöe, the Mayor of Paris, knows perfectly about our situation, as does Mr. Vaillant Mayor of the 18ème et Mr. Gaudin Préfet de Police.  All of them have abandoned our streets to Islamic fundamentalists, they have abandoned their citizens who can no longer walk around their city because certain areas are out of bounds to non-muslims during prayer times.

Mr President, you have affirmed that in France there are no No-Go zones.  So what would you call these areas or the militant fundamentalists  who shut roads for their exclusive private use for a number of years now without the police intervening to re-establish public order?

Mr. President.  Do not abandon us also.  Stop this occupation of our streets by fundamentalists.

The inhabitants of the 18ème area of Paris.

We are not able to sign this document for fear of our lives and those of our families.

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26 Replies to “France follows Swiss lead. No more praying in streets.”

  1. Arrest and jail them all, and immediately tow away and auction-off any car used to block streets and impede commerce. Begin deportations for all who fail to pay fine when released from jail.

    They are impeding commerce and violating other people’s rights. Not to mention flaunting the law.

  2. Those Muslim arselifter are nothing but a bunch of violent, cruel, inconsiderate hypocrites. There is no way in hell that we’ll let a bunch of damn hypocritical Muslim fanatics do that in the good ol’ USA.

    The worst thing that we can do is allow unholy, unruly Muslim fanatics to take over our freedoms. Muslims are so damned stupid they can’t understand that streets were made for cars and other commerce. These idiot Muslims are trying to prove how holy they are when in reality they are unholy, fanatical, and inconsiderate. There’s no way that public roads paid by the taxpayes will be turned into temporary mosques in the good ol’ USA. Jesus condemned Pharisees and others who stood on street corners to show how “holy” they were. The fanatical Muslims are also hypocrites. After praying, they go out and murder even their own people.

    What Muslims need to do is grow a human brain so that they can think rationally.

  3. Someone should be passing out little New Testaments to them, so they can see how much better Jesus was than Muhamed. . . or pass out bacon, so they can see how delicious pig tastes.

  4. This is NOT a question of prayer/religion, this is about WHO shall dominate France! Not rule, DOMINATE TOTALLY.
    Vote about it when you still are more than 51% of the population, when muslims are 51% everything is too late.

  5. It’s pointless. France has opened an army base in the UAE. It’s on it’s way to becoming an Islamic republic. It won’t be able to impose the headscarf ban either. France can no longer protect it’s own citizens. They are forever held hostage by their trojan horse.

    Germany will always be an American ally. If somebody blows something up in Germany, the Germans will do something about it. It won’t be pretty either.

  6. Just out of curiosity, am I the only one who noticed the severe lack of females praying? Although I looked at the video a number of times, I could not see any.

    This looks remarkably similar to an occupying army.

  7. gsw:
    First you need to know that all the jurisprudence, such as it is, in Islam says women’s prayers are more effective when done at home. The literature is so clear on this, and as an aside would be hysterically funny if it didn’t have such awful implications and consequences, that it is surprising women are allowed into mosques at all.
    Secondly, a mosque itself is a beach-head and the people in it are indeed an army. Islam simply is not a religion the way Western peoples think of it. I recently read Sam Solomon’s books, one on The Mosque and the second, The New Trojan Horse onIslamic immigration or the ‘hijra’. while you and many of us have reasoned out much of the contents, its good to read the actual documents that mandate the events and behaviours that we have observed. In short GSW: Yes.

  8. @Eeyore: I thought so!
    re: ‘Islam simply is not a religion the way Western peoples think of it.’

    Maybe those western people should try learning a little history. Islam is exactly the way religion always is when it is establishing a theocracy.
    Since our theocracy was many centuries ago, people seem to have forgotten how really, absolutely bloody (pun intentional) it actually was.

    Sigh, some of those unseen females probably had high hopes when they arrived in Europe, only to be disappointed by a lot of rich twerps (Aka: western politicians) who would no doubt like to see us all revert to the 13th. century.

  9. These are not prayers, they are political statements intended to intimidate the native French and impress upon them that they are no longer masters of their own country.

    Something MUST be done to put these people back in their proper place.

  10. You think you’re upset now with their takeover, just wait until they have millions more living in the west! Non-Muslims will have two choices then…..convert or die!! Wake up bleeding hearts and stop importing these pit-vipers!!

  11. Dear Larry:
    There is always more than 2 choices and nearly always more than three. Just remember the words of General Patton.
    “The idea is not to die for your country. It’s to make the other poor bastard die for his”

  12. I think I have a solution. Hire about 60-70 street kids to go around gathering up their shoes (make sure the street kids are fast runners). After the Muzzies have had to replace their shoes a dozen times, they just might get the message. If not, the street kids can always continue grabbing shoes and then can start up a resale shoe business. Free enterprise!

  13. Approach your floor tiles manufacturer/ suppliers and tell them to supply some floor tiles with pigs/ muhammad’s pictures on it and fix on the side paths. Pigs , Teddy bears, camels tigers all interpersed will do. When they bow down and touch the ground let their forehead touch the pigs pictures.

  14. Let some dogs and pigs loose in that area every one ( muslims) will start running away. Good bye france your days are numbered islam will dominate your lovely country if you don’t fight and eradicate islam. The root of the problem is islam the “killing cult”.

  15. i think theres misconception of islam where you say we are a cult; i think thats uncalled for. yes i can see how much of a problem people praying in the street is and anything that causes trouble like that should be sorted peacefully without fear.
    im sure spoken to with the respect that you would want for yourself they would be resonable but as you state you have not even tried? you can work out something to suit everyone, but please dont think it’s to show who rules france or anything.
    the way people behave is not always down to religon and you cannot judge people when you yourself have sinned.

  16. @Ani:
    People like you make me very angry.
    You decide what sin is – and then accuse us? How do you know we have sinned?
    The idea that women are ‘deficient in intelligence’ is not worthy of any respect.
    The idea that women ‘belong’ to men is not worthy of any respect.
    The idea that little girls can be raped and their fathers act as pimps is not worthy of any respect.
    Giving it names like modesty, marriage, religion doen not make it worthy of respect.

    Empathy, equality, fairness, achievement and pride in what one achieves – these are worthy of respect. Building things not blowing up things.
    You want respect, you have to earn it.

    Submitting to a god may make you feel good – but I give my respect based on a person’s behaviour – not their religion, race, colour or gender.

    To quote: “Sin is hurting people – everything else is bagatelle”
    Islam hurts people – destroys things – there is no fun in islam. Supporting Islam is therefore a sin.

  17. Actually the idea about passing out bacon is on the right track, However not direct enough. A pnuematic cannon, similar to a water cannon filled with white wine and SOFT pork by produducts should be used to saturate them when they are prostrate! NO pigs blood or red wine. That would look VERY bad for the cameras when they say that they were injured in the disruption of thier illegal street prayers. Beware of thier private security! They will probably again demonstrate that Islam is a religion of peace.
    Sincerely Infidel 77

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