Israel: Iran now capable of building multiple nuclear bombs.

Stratfor today sent out a report from a closed door security session in Israel where it was claimed that Iran is now capable of building more than one nuclear bomb and that all which is required for these bombs to be built is the descision from Tehran and not any technical obstacles.

According to Israeli Brig. Gen. Yossi Baidatz, Iran has refined over 1800 kilos of uranium and has the missiles capable of delivering these weapons to Israel.

However, according to Stratfor:

These statements are much more an indication of Israeli intentions in dealing with Iran than an accurate reflection of Iranian nuclear capabilities. That the statements of this closed Knesset session were leaked in the first place is particularly revealing of the message that Israel wishes to send Iran and the international community at this point in time. That message, to put it bluntly, is “time’s up.”

Stratfor also makes the point:

Israel is also operating on a different timeline than that of the United States. Whereas U.S. President Barack Obama would much rather avoid a military conflagration in the Persian Gulf while he attempts to sew up Iraq, make over the Afghanistan war and nurse the U.S. economy back to health, Israel is dealing with a matter of state survival. And that, from the Israeli point of view, takes precedence over its relationship with the United States. This statement from Baidatz is thus likely one of many signals Israel will be sending in the coming weeks to accentuate the Iranian nuclear threat.

To read the full report and make sure that you have the context as it was meant to be exactly, please subscribe to as I have only published the two paragraphs allowed by agreement.

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