Turkish apostate of Islam in Germany

Here is a nice little film clip from what I believe is a German TV woman’s network about a girl who left her religious Turkish Muslim family and integrated into greater German society. Personally, I wouldn’t sell her life insurance if I was Lloyd’s of London. But she has a great attitude anyway.

Thank you to StopSHARIAlawNOW for sending me this video and to Jscivias for the translation. Any errors are mine and mine alone.

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6 Replies to “Turkish apostate of Islam in Germany”

  1. Hi,

    I am David from San Francisco/California, I ran into few videos on you tube and that made me to contact you guys. What a great job you guys are doing, God Bless all of you!!
    I also have the same mission to educate every one about these muslims, what a pain they are causing in every ones life. Are we going to just sit there and do nothing and let them take over us and watch Christians being killed and destroy?
    We need to be sturdy, united and be ready for this war for our kids and generation’s sake! For PEACE and love, for humanity.
    I was born in Pakistan and I was 17 when I left Pakistan. I am Christian and being Christian in Pakistan is very tough everywhere, all you have for you is hate, no jobs, treat you like crap, no freedom to practice your religion. Recent hate crimes against Christians have risen and Christian are being murdered and rapped openly.
    Pakistan Government passed a law “ If any Christian or Non muslim will disrespect islam or prophet, muslims have right to kill them”. Recently ,a town of Christians was set on fire and many Christian were killed/burn, and many girls were rapped.
    Wakeup people, wake up Christians, let’s save our children, our people, our future, our countries, our pride, our freedom and our system.

    San Francisco, California

  2. Hi all,
    I’m a christian from Indonesia.
    Though life as a christian in my city is far from the suffering of those in Pakistan, Egypt, Sudan etc, yet yes, I had my shares of being taunted.

  3. Claiming “Islam” means “peace” is fraudulent to begin with. Islam is an Arabic word. And the word for peace in Arabic is “solh,” and not Islam. Islam is derived from the root word “taslim,” which means submission or surrender. Hence, Islam’s true name, surrender, is in fact most descriptive of what it is: total, unconditional submission and surrender of the individual and the community to the will and dictates of Allah as revealed by his “rasool,” messenger, Muhammad.


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