STRATFOR: Iran threatens Russia

It’s wonderful to see Iran threaten Russia like this. Last I checked, Putin wasn’t doing the world wide obsequious tour that Obama is. I doubt they have any of the same constraints on them the US and the west have in terms of foreign policy. What a sad day when a Canadian has to look to Russia to help put a savage irrational theocratic dictator in it’s place for general world security. Let’s hope Russia takes this sort of language the way we wish Western nations would.

Stratfor SITREP:

Iran: Russia Should Fulfill Commitment On S-300s
November 14, 2009
Alaeddin Boroujerdi, chair of the Iranian parliament’s national security and foreign policy committee, said Nov. 14 that Russia should follow through on its commitment to deliver S-300 air defense systems to Iran, Mehr News Agency reported. Boroujerdi said that Iran is “not a country which would stop short of action in dealing with countries who fail to deliver on their promises.” Boroujerdi also said that Iran will be able to produce its own air defense systems in the future, but that Russia’s delivery of the systems could help further future cooperation.

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    Boroujerdi himself says that Iran follows through with its promises! The Iranian ‘rhetoric’ is not rhetoric, but deadly intent. They need to be stopped NOW.

    The West needs to BACK ISRAEL before the Middle East turns into glass! Enough is enough, it’s time for positive action. Either act to win or surrender now – there is no middle ground any more.

    In Canada the CBC is debating if a person can support its troops in Afghanistan and not support the Mission. Canada, CBC, American democrats, European leaders with any guts: give your head a shake and LISTEN to Iran.

  2. russian responses are very inconsistent-
    1. they have no evidence that iran is going to create nuclear wepons.
    2.they are against policy of iran and thewy will no allow to create them nuclear weapons. why it is so? coz russia still have imperial ambitions-they want to have influense in middle east so they try to cooperate with israel and iran at the same time. that is why the situation with s-300 is also not clear-russia want to deal with iran and not to annoy usa and israel at the same time.

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