Opposition to anti-extremist Islam march

Supporting extremist Islam is now the norm for left wing liberals in Britain while condemning is, well, condemned. Anyone else confused?

Welsh Defense League BBCNEWS…Around 200 people gathered to protest about a demonstration against Islamic extremism by the Welsh Defence League (WLD) in Swansea.

It was in reaction to around 60 members of the WLD staging a march in the city.

Despite police hopes the two groups would stage marches in different areas of the city, they converged.

Around 200 police, some on horses, kept the groups apart. One man, 25, was arrested for a racially aggravated public order offence.

Roads were closed in order for the demonstrations to go ahead.

Speaking before its demonstration, the WLD said its event would be peaceful, but protests by its sister organisation the English Defence League have ended in disorder.

Welsh Secretary Peter Hain has accused the WDL of using “boot boy tactics”.

But the WLD denied being racist and called Mr Hain’s comments “nonsense”.

A number of opposition groups were involved in the counter-demonstration.

Police had hoped the two groups would hold separate demonstrations. But despite their efforts, the groups came within close proximity of each other.

Dozens of officers lined the streets, included several officers on horses in order to keep the protest groups apart.

“When you bring two groups together… there’s going to be passion, and that’s what we have had today,” said Ch Supt Mark Mathias during the demonstrations.

“So far it has been mostly peaceful.

“Originally we did two protest sites – two assembly points. We did think we could have two distinct locations either side of the city.

“Obviously that hasn’t happened but so far, both groups have been kept separate.”

Speaking after the event, he said: “I am pleased with the success the police operation today, which allowed the protests to pass off peacefully, whilst taking into the account the rights of the people of Swansea to go about their normal business.

“I would to thank them for patience and understanding for any disruption that was caused.

“People have the right to protest but overall the safety of the public and maintaining order is a priority.”

It is understood a second WDL protest planned in Newport next weekend has been called off.

3 Replies to “Opposition to anti-extremist Islam march”

  1. what a shite news report. They say that ‘demonstrations with the EDL ended in disorder’ without bothering to mention who caused the disorder at all. Very disingenuous as they clearly intended to cast aspersions on the EDL without specifically lying. Typical BBC.

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