Man arrested after mosque attack

As tensions between Muslims and Britons begin to flare I am afraid we will begin to see more tit for tat attacks in the future. This is a direct result of the British government using the long arm of the law to silence the public concern over the Islamization of the U.K.

BBCNEWS…A 53-year-old man has been arrested after petrol was thrown at the doorway of a mosque in Wearside.

The petrol was not ignited and did not set fire at the mosque in Chester Road, Sunderland.

The building was empty and no-one was hurt in the incident, which happened in the early hours of Friday morning.

Police investigations include viewing CCTV footage, forensic analysis and DNA testing. Extra officers are patrolling to address residents’ concerns.

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  1. Too bad this Briton who, unlike the dune- and cave-dwelling tapeworm-appeasing members of the Tory, NuLabour and LibDem parties, truly cares for his native countries didn’t get to deprive some of those tapeworms of their minaret-ornamented concrete intestine (tapeworms are intestine-dwellers, aren’t they?) before their Friday zebibah-carving sessions.

    Just as many ordinary law-abiding Britons have warned, and Taffy has pointed out, the British surrender to mahoundianism and its inherent barbarism has been forced down everyone’s throats for way too long in that country; and many people are beginning to realize that they’ll have to take matters into their own hands to reverse this tide of opensewerization, especially in the face of how both laws and the authorities have become tools for islamization and instruments against those who oppose that culturally-suicidal, civilization-destroying process.

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