Islamic invention knows no bounds! The Butt bomb, or, ‘the sun actually does shine out of my…’ bomb

As the world of people work on discovering cures for new diseases, better forms of art, ways of making peoples lives better and happier, the Muslim world develops new types of explosive suppositories. The less funny side, is if travel becomes more of a ‘pain in the ass’ civilization collapses. This is not an exaggeration. The dark ages began due to loss of security on the Roman roads.

Post Script: Grace wanted me to re-title this article: Arsehole Arsenal Which is frankly brilliant but this is a family blog. Well, If you are the Adams family maybe.

H/T SW13

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7 Replies to “Islamic invention knows no bounds! The Butt bomb, or, ‘the sun actually does shine out of my…’ bomb”

  1. I’m sure he had no problem keeping it up his ass. I guess we’ll all be strip searched at airport security in the near future.

  2. New Muslim ARSEnal

    You can’t say Muslims are totally devoid of creativity – they are always
    finding new ways to kill people. This latest development, however, may
    bring with it the end of the age of air travel. This deluded follower of
    the cult of The Dead Paedophile has found an innovative way to avoid
    detection by customs and airport security checks by planting a grenade up
    his anus, to be later detonated by phone.

    Now Muslims didn’t invent airplanes or mobile phones or anything at all
    except death, destruction and innovative tortures. But credit where credits
    due. Thanks to this new development when some politically correct lemming
    gets my goat about Islam I can now literally respond without the merest
    hint of irony, “Take your Islam and shove it up your arse.”

  3. More proof that Islam and democracy cannot coexist. Actually, no one can coexist with Islam. When the world has submitted to this wicked cult they will begin to kill each other. I suppose life will then be viewed as an Islamic paradise.

  4. Come on…they don’t walk funny because something is up their butt…they’re accustomed to taking it up the rear; that’s why they hate women so much and dress them in black. Undercover homosexuals.

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