The U.N., Refugees, and the college campus

As I write this, the government of Yemen is launching attacks on its Shia minority to quell an uprising almost certainly sponsored by The Islamic Republic of Iran. As a result, thousands of Sunni’s are being displaced and fleeing claiming refugee status in Saudi Arabia. The government of Saudi is predictably, sending them back as quick as they come.

I suppose at this point it does not come as a shock to anyone that college campus’s all over Europe and North America are not screaming at the horrible injustices being committed by the Saudis against fellow Sunni Muslims by sending them back to a conflict zone. Neither would it come as a shock that no one is talking about Yemen’s attacking of fellow Muslims. Or the Shia minority attacks on Yemeni government assets. The Muslim on Muslim atrocities here are legion and on all sides. But if Israel shoots one terrorist in the act of killing Israeli school kids and so on we will all know that man’s name and a street will be named after him in Gaza.

Most people do not even know that the UN has two distinct refugee organizations, one for ‘Palistinians’ and one for the rest of the world with radically different rules. For example, if a person is born to a refugee they are not considered a refugee but a citizen of the country they are born in. However, the great grandchildren of people who left Israel to get out of the way of invading Egyptian or Syrian tanks on the week that Israel was founded as a nation, these people are in a category all their own, and they and all their descendants remain refugees in perpetuity until such time as the nation of Israel is destroyed and they take whatever place their Islamic leaders tell them to. As a consequence we hear endless laments about how the refugees in Gaza are treated, something which puzzles the hell out of me as how can they be refugees in Gaza when Gaza itself is the nation they where born in and are in control of, (Isn’t that like being a Canadian Refugee in a camp just outside Toronto?) but very few of us will be aware of the refugee crisis in Yemen, or Saudi Arabia’s, one of the richest per capita nations in the world, refusal to allow in one Sunni refugee from a conflict they may in fact be responsible for.

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