Al Qaeda Commander Strapped for Cash, Asks Turkish Muslims to Send Money

They then asked if anyone had George Galloways home phone number.

I’m sure Turkey will respond generously

CAIRO  —  Al Qaeda’s top commander in Afghanistan urged Turkish Muslims in a new audio message Wednesday to send money to militants fighting coalition troops in the country, saying they are low on funds.

Mustafa Abu al-Yazeed said many militants in Afghanistan are unable to fight because they lack the necessary equipment.

“And we, here in Afghanistan, are needy of money,” said al-Yazeed. “And the reason for the weakness of the operations here is the inadequacy of equipment.”

The authenticity of the audio message could not be verified, but it appeared on Web sites often used by Al Qaeda.

Experts believe Islamic militants in Afghanistan receive most of their funding from wealthy donors and charities in the oil-rich Gulf and from the illegal drug trade inside the country.

The U.S. has tried to crack down on those funding sources by urging Gulf governments to better police the flows of money and by engaging in counter-narcotic operations inside Afghanistan.

President Barack Obama plans to send thousands of additional troops to Afghanistan this year in an effort to reverse the momentum of Al Qaeda and Taliban militants

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  1. I totally agree with the Fact that appropriate Equipment helps working better. The Question is: why AlQaeda and Supporters avoid to provide III. World’s people with appropriate Equipment, in order to allow them easilier working, easilier “making money”, easilier getting out of horrible Poverty, easilier living and having a Life (which can be called Life)? No, “our Friends” prefer to think about themselves, asking for money for they criminal Acts, and getting Support by “their Brothers/Sisters” – while they (weird!) claim that they are fighting against the greedy and uncompassionate and unjust and so on West, which (according to AlQaeda and Brothers/Sisters) oppresses poors -. The day People will realize how incoherent Islam-ism is, they will stop support it, by words and by deeds (money included), and they will start doing something really useful for the World (and Humanity and Life and so on). Kindest Regards. [Another thing: the Fact that Terrorists are “out of money” I consider it to be a huge Lie – anyway perfectly suitable to the Habits of such kind of people, living in Deceptions and Untruths and so on -].

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