Mr. Islam paralyzes British student for life and is proud of it.

Student paralysed in knife attack

Oliver Hemsley
No-one else has been charged over the attack on Oliver Hemsley

A 15-year-old boy who stabbed a student in a “ferocious” attack, leaving him paralysed from the neck down, has been detained for 10 years.

Nazrul Islam, of Upton Park, east London, repeatedly stabbed Oliver Hemsley, 20, from Ely, Cambridgeshire, in central London, on 28 August 2008.

The Old Bailey judge lifted restrictions on naming Islam because he “took pride” in his violent self-image.

He had earlier admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Islam robbed a girl of 12 while on bail for the attack on Mr Hemsley in Shoreditch.

Sentencing, Judge Roger Chapple said: “This was an entirely motiveless, mindless attack. Its ferocity makes my blood run cold.

“He [Islam] speaks with a degree of pride about his reputation with the boys, with the local community.”

In the last eight months we have been through more pain and suffering than any person should have to

Will Hemsley, victim’s brother

Mr Hemsley, now 21, who had just been accepted to St Martin’s School of Art, was attacked as he was walking with a friend.

The victim was kicked and punched by a group of youths.

During this time Islam stabbed him from behind through the heart and lungs, which left him paralysed from the neck down after the knife cut his spinal column.

The court heard that when Islam was arrested hours after the attack he had the victim’s blood on his clothes and his DNA was found on the discarded kitchen knife.

But the youth was released on bail as officers waited for forensic tests on the items.

Days later, on 14 September, Islam threatened a girl with “what appeared to be a knife” to rob her of £5.

Nazrul Islam
Islam robbed a girl of 12 while on bail

Following the sentence, the victim’s brother Will Hemsley, 26, said: “No sentence could ever be enough.

“In the last eight months we have been through more pain and suffering than any person should have to and unfortunately for Oli and those supporting him it is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

“At the end of this custodial sentence this animal will be free to go on and live his life.

“Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Oli, who has been given a life sentence for no real reason.”

Police have been unable to charge anyone else with the attack due to lack of evidence.

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7 Replies to “Mr. Islam paralyzes British student for life and is proud of it.”

  1. No mention of this being classed as a hate crime i suppose?if this had been the other way round Al-Beeb would have been all over it.

  2. I don’t see a lot of hope for England. I will start looking for laws banning Churchill and Shakespeare soon. Magna Carta may be a violation of Sharia as well.

  3. “The victim was kicked and punched by a group of youths.”

    Mahoundian bravery… Mahoundian “men” only get in one-on-one fights against women, children or handicapped people. Against a single infidel male, there always has to be a whole gang of these cowards.

    Here’s another story about how a gang of 18 “Asians” harassed a 66-year old Briton, and a few of them kicked his poor 14-year old, partially blind dog.

    Looking at the poor dog in the picture featured in the article, and knowing what he and his owner went through gets me on the verge of tears whenever I remember this story; and I do remember it very often, both because of the barbarism of those EIGHTEEN mahoundian cowards, and because of what poor Snoopy and Mr Townsley went through.

  4. Thanks Kafir. I think we blogged that when it happened here on Vlad as well. I wonder when the left are gonna get with the program. You know the left? the guys who claim to have the monopoly on women minority animal and gay rights?

  5. Well Eeyore, don’t I know the left? Those who are willing to throw women, gays and animals under the bus for the sake of appeasing their beloved mahoundian heroes? The former two because their human rights are incompatible with mahoundian sharia law, and the latter because humane slaughtering guidelines are incompatible with halal butchering?

    Too bad women and gays haven’t been more outspoken about their betrayal by the mahoundian-appeasing, human-rights hating left. As for animals, they’d obviously oppose any kind of slaughtering if they could speak, but they’d certainly oppose halal more than many others.

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