Muslims claim right to have weapons as ornaments of Islam

The article below uses an argument I think we had better all familiarize ourselves with quickly. In all nations which have adopted suicidal multi-culturalist policies, we should prepare ourselves for this. In Canada, decades ago Sikh’s demanded the right to carry a ceremonial knife called a Kirpan as part of Sikh traditional garb. They won this right although I believe in most instances, children had to wear a rubber one to schools. It didn’t take long before an argument at a temple in Vancouver broke out over rules of eating between conservatives and more liberal Sikh’s and the kirpan’s where drawn and used. Now I have no particular objection to people bieng armed. I do however, have a strong objection to disarming the general law abiding public and then making exceptions for minorities who claim that it is their cultural or religious right or obligation to be armed and thereby being the only armed segment of the population. Below, Muslims are using this precise argument to avoid abiding by the terms of their own ‘peace deal’ in Swat Pakistan claiming that weapons are for Muslims an ‘ornament’ and therefore, they have the right to keep their AK47s despite agreeing to lay them down once the state began to enforce sharia law in Swat.

From Indian Express:



Describing weapons as “ornament of the Muslims”, the Taliban on Sunday refused to lay down arms even as nearly 200 militants were killed in Pakistan’s NWFP after military launched operations against them last weekend.

“The weapons are the ornament of the Muslims so we will not lay down arms,” Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan said.

“We lifted arms for the implementation of Darul Qaza and people laid down their lives for the same purpose,” Khan was quoted by Geo TV as saying.

Khan said US president (Barack) Obama has hinted at abolishing Islamic law in Swat and vowed to keep themselves armed if US advances into Pakistan.

The Swat peace deal signed between Taliban and the NWFP Government stipulated that the militants would lay down their arms once the demand for enforcing Islamic Sharia law in the once Pakistan’s famous tourist resort was implemented.

However, after the deal was signed the Taliban refused to lay down arms.

The militants took control of Buner, located 100 km from the federal capital and increased their influence in Dir and Shangla also.

Officials of the Frontier Constabulary told reporters that 153 militants had been killed so far in Buner alone.

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