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2 Replies to “Glenn Beck on Islam and propaganda in the middle east. Very good.”

  1. “This next hour isn’t balanced/doesn’t show balanced views on islam…”

    Come on, give me a break… That’s plain and simple, undistorted truth about islam. Beck didn’t have to use that kind of disclaimer at the beginning of that story, though it could be something that the PC crowd might view as a reason to breathe with relief before being exposed to the raw reality of what their turbaned and burqa-clad friends are truly up to.

    But we shouldn’t expect that crowd to start viewing islam based on what it truly is. Their reaction would only be to find yet another of those MC PC rationales to keep their heads buried in the sand and to remain in their current state of denial of reality, and/or appeasement of mahoundians; and that would be the case only in the event that they didn’t put into practice that lesson that they’ve learned from their mahoundian buddies’ explanations for every single problem/failure rooted solely in islam: blaming it all on Israel.

  2. Wow… 39 minutes into this video I realized it was broadcast on al-CNN! I guess we can’t expect them to air anything so honestly truthful ever again, though I take a bit of issue with the ending of the show, which depicts apparently “moderate” muslims speaking out against “violence in islam, when we know that violence is inherent to islam and jihad.”

    Were anything about what those “moderates” were saying to be truly part of islam, islam would no longer be islam. Pat Condell once made a similar point about muslims earning the respect of non-muslims if islam started to respect us, but that then islam wouldn’t be islam anymore, and that was the problem.

    Good intentions those speaking out against violence on the video might have, but what they said still didn’t fail to show that they haven’t looked at the beast (islam. its texts and tenets, that s) in the eye to see what’s fundamentally wrong with it.

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