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5 Replies to “Free Speech Summit: Lord Pearson on Geert Wilders, Shariah and Suprmacism”

  1. Munawar Ill give it a proper read later on but from the fast scan I had, it would appear you like the ‘True Scottsman’ brand of logical fallacy. When Geert Wilders starts killing Muslims and pinning notes on their chests warning all others who criticize Islamic invasion and transformation of their cultures then you can start to make razor thin distinctions as to what real islam is and is not. For the moment, all this horror killing and butchery is being done by Muslims in the name of Islam and using Islamic holy texts to justify it. Any attempt to divert from that is slick sophistry indeed. Have a look at the excellent Robert Spencer videos on Vlad as to how these logical tricks are typically played by Muslims.

    Lastly, it is important that all understand you cannot commit hate crimes against an ideological group. A person can choose to be a Muslim or no. You can come and go from this group as you choose so long as your fellow Muslims do not murder you for the ‘crime’ of apostasy. In essence, it is no more hate speech to spew invective against Islam as it is to spew it against Nazis, a group with which Muslims have a great great deal in common.

  2. I agree that it is being done in the name of Islam, there’s no doubt about that. And I agree with Wilders’ that it’s a problem. What I point out in my rebuttal is that these claims of Islam being behind all these killings are wrong and have no real justification–hence why I end the paper with “Not all Muslims are Arabs.” Eliminating Islam won’t make a difference. If these terrorists had Christianity as their main religion, they’d use that instead to justify themselves–“Jesus died on the cross, so let’s make you [“infidels”] die like him…”

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