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Maybe now I should make this policy change official. When I started VTB one of the issues I wished to address is the dangerous and counter productive irrational leftist movement to combat ‘anthropogenic global warming’. A disingenuous goal if ever there was one, as if you question nine in ten supporters of it long enough ultimately they will come back at you with “Yes the science on it is a little shaky but I still support it as it makes people ‘think’ the right way about the environment.” A truly repugnant and Orwellian agenda. It’s OK for me to lie to you because you making your choices based on lies makes for a better world. And typically, these are the exact same people who virulently oppose religion of all stripes. Except Tibetan Buddhism. Because they know nothing about it.

I no longer concern myself with global warming hysteria because anyone who still believes in it despite the last 8 years of climate data and the discovered falsification of facts in order to propagate this myth is clearly never going to accept the facts. They are anti corporate types who use the language of green to support a Marxist anti western agenda. They do not actually care about the ‘environment’. For an excellent essay on this read the co founder of Greenpeace, Patrick More. He states it very clearly as his reason for leaving Greenpeace altogether.

The threat we have to deal with, the one which will in fact ‘change our environment’ in every conceivable sense of the term is Islam. As Fjordman so eloquently writes extensively on, The Byzantines where an enlightened modern people with solid foundations in Greek thought as well, they were the Greeks. And as the degree of jihadi Muslims infiltrating western bureaucracies increases and the degree of submission of some of my favorite nations also grows, we clearly have decided to focus on the anti jihad. The stakes are higher than I can grasp. The degree to which the threat of the loss of all western values becomes more apparent to me each day. In the most excellent style of Mark Steyn, we at VTB try and understate the real case so that any skeptic who chooses to challenge these articles by doing honest research will discover our case is more serious than even we present it. This by the way, frightens we here at vladtepesblog as well.

The problem is two fold. The extent of jihadi preparations for violent actions against western targets, by far the lesser of the problem, compared to the extent to which Muslims who have a clear well understood and publicized agenda of global manifest destiny have infiltrated organizations typically thought of as protecting liberalism. Agencies such as the U.N. now co opted to an anti Semitic and pro sharia law agenda as we see by both Durban I and Durban II as well as the current binding resolution in front of the general assembly of the UN protecting Islam from criticism and of course, a large host of ‘Human Rights’ organizations which now actively work against any real human rights.

And on that note, some links:

Muslim girls in Norway beaten and abused for not wearing hijab all the time. Women’s groups anywhere on earth I hope are profoundly ashamed for their lack of attention on this and thousands of similar stories around the world today. All of us should of course, this isn’t a feminist issue so much as one of fundamental human rights but feminist groups who often live on Government grants seem more concerned about interpreting comments at the water cooler than they are about women being kept in London basement prisons for refusing to marry a first cousin from Pakistan. Often actually being murdered for it. Read Bruce Bawer’s ‘While Europe Slept’ for statistics on this.

Five Muslims convicted for murdering a British Teen. Of course the ‘funny’ thing about this article is how it sparked a debate on ‘knife control’ and not immigrant or Muslim control. Europe (with the notable exception of Denmark) refuses to admit that a grossly disproportionate amount of violent and politically driven crime is from Muslim immigrants who often state that the crimes they commit is for the spread of and glorification of Islam.

Muslims like to pretend their is no compulsion of religion in Islam. Something they say to ease our minds about our new Muslim overlords. I wonder how they would explain entire Bulgarian villages forced to convert to extremist Islam then?

Canada is right and truly fucked. How can one know a place is fucked? Because something as hideous as this happens in a Canadian high school, an indoctrination session by anti Semites disguised with a veneer of anti Israeli politics and they expressly forbade any adults to attend. No parents, No teachers, no recording whatsoever. The only way it could be more fucked than this, is if it did not get reported at all. Which I would wager is the case in Islamic nations. Like England.

Lastly, What would a links post be without a terrorism reference. India now states that two Pakistani officers where involved with the Mumbai attacks.

As Baron Bodissey puts it so well at GOV

by Baron Bodissey

Ever since the Mumbai terrorist attacks last November, India has asserted that Pakistani nationals inside Pakistan were part of the conspiracy to murder and wreak havoc among the population of Mumbai. Pakistan at first denied any connection, then acknowledged that there might be a few Pakistani “rogue elements” who conspired with the attackers. As the weeks wore on, deeper and deeper connections between Pakistan and the Mumbai terrorists were ferreted out and exposed in the Indian press.

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