Links for February 11 2009

Here are some links to events which seem worth knowing about or following previous reports here on VTB

The BBC has an anti Israel Bias? No freaking way! BBC spends something like USD $300,000 to suppress report on Bias

One particularly controversial incident came when Middle East correspondent Barbara Plett revealed she had cried as Yasser Arafat was close to death. In 2004 the Israeli government wrote to the BBC accusing reporter Orla Guerin of anti-Semitism and identifying with Palestinian terror groups. It has been suggested the BBC’s recent refusal to show a charity appeal for Gaza, sparking thousands of complaints, was a reaction to these accusations. Politicians have previously branded the corporation’s refusal to reveal the report as ‘absolutely indefensible’ as it is in the public interest.

The corporation has also employed top barristers to fight its case over the years that the legal battle has rumbled on.
Mr Sugar said: ‘It is sad that the BBC felt it necessary to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money fighting for three years to try to load the system against those requesting information from it under the Freedom of Information Act.’ He added: ‘The BBC has finally lost its technical legal argument

Link to live blogging of Geert Wilders landing in the UK where he may well be arrested as persona non grata. This should be interesting. My prediction is that they will find a way to arrest him in such a way as we cannot see it and send him back politly. Fascists have learned from history while we have not. They know how to be more effective by avoiding obvious heavy handedness. This link was auto translated from Dutch but here is the original page. I think to watch it live costs a few dollars but the money will go to Geert’s fund. Well worth it. While we are on the topic of sloppy machine translations from Dutch here is a Winston Churchill quote translated from English to Dutch and then robot translated back into English. It astounds me how the mastery of the English language by Sir Winston manages to survive this double switch with lucidity and power. If somoene has a link to the original quote in English please post in the comments. What he said then, is just as true now. Thanks to the Gates of Vienna for those 2 links.

Also from GOV here is a video interview with Lord Pearson, the house of lords member who invited Geert to show his short film Fitna to the august body in the UK

Lord Pearson, “I wouldn’t put anything past this really weak and inexplicable British Government”

Then of course we have the obligatory ‘daily so outragious descision by Muslims that it’s nearly imposeble to believe its actually happening’ file. Muslim woman sentanced to 100 lashes for being gang raped in Saudi Arabia. Now of course we all know that Muslims routinly punish women for being raped but this is more brutal than usual and also more outragious as she was convicted of adultry and is not even married. Do read this story but do your best not to dismiss it as some far away event. In a globalized world we all know its a matter of months before sharia courts here in the west make the same calls with offical support. Frankly, It probably already is and any media that attempts to report on it is being threatened by Government and Muslims.

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