Canada’s ‘human rights commissions’ seek more power

Here is a collection of links dealing with the new request by the quite literally fascist ‘Human Rights Commissions’ asking for power to criminalize blogs. It is of course craftily worded asking that web sites which are ‘news oriented’ come under their pervue and of course, they will selectively enforce against Islam critical sites if their history is any indicator (and it most certainly is Chrystal clear that this is their agenda) while ignoring any ‘news oriented site’ which attacks maliciously or otherwise out of fashion groups such as Jews Israelis and conservatives. The trend in the west is becoming clear enough that maybe a few people will fight back. Wouldn’t that be lovely.

The National Post:

The Ontario Human Rights Commission is calling for Parliament to force all Canadian magazines, newspapers and “media services” Web sites to join a national press council with the power to adjudicate breaches of professional standards and complaints of discrimination.

The council would have the power to order the publication of its decisions and “would help bring about more consistency across all jurisdictions in Canada,” reads an OHRC report to the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

The media’s freedom of expression comes with a duty to “address issues of hate expression, and [media] should do so either voluntarily through provincial press councils, or through statutory creation of a national press council with compulsory membership,” the report reads.

Do not let any soothing wording fool you. Check the HRC history and its quite clear that they mean to destroy people who do not have the means to fight them and do not carry the ‘right’ opinions and with all the resources of the state behind them.

Next, Weasel Zippers blog:

There have been countless abuses by these HRCs including investigators unlawfully pirating the Internet connections of unsuspecting citizens, investigators logging onto Internet forums and posting offensive content in order to bait people into committing “thought crimes” and there was even a case of an Alberta pastor “convicted” over a letter to the editor of a newspaper who was effectively ordered to renounce his personal religious faith.

Now, the Ontario Human Rights Commission is lobbying parliament to enact legislation forcing all media in Canada – news websites included –  to join a “media watchdog council” that would have the power to review content (censor content) and order newspapers, magazines, television stations and even websites not to publish certain articles.  This is being spearheaded by Barbara Hall – the failed former mayor of Toronto who is now head of the Ontario HRC and who, without benefit of a trial, condemned MacLean’s Magazine and Mark Steyn over their articles over which the HRC didn’t even have jurisdiction.

The quote above I believe is from this source: Mississauga Blogs:

And of course no post on Canadian Human Rights Commissions could be complete without a link to Ezra, Canada’s most powerful  voice for free speech still actually living here.

Ezra puts it quite beautifully….

“In healthy democracies, the media is a watchdog over the government.

In the soft tyranny of Canada’s human rights commissions, the government is the watchdog over the media

That is a quote for the ages. Which at current rates of the movement of history toward a new age of theological tyranny, is about 15 more years.

As a final note, the trial of Geert Wilders clearly is a test case not just for Freedom of speech in Holland or even Europe. But is a beach head for all who wish to remove this central freedom from us world wide. If you are looking for a charity, I would consider giving to Geert Wilders. His fight is ours. If he looses this one, the choices we may have on all things will be dramatically limited hereafter. Even our choices of charities.

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