Good article on the UN and the OIC who have destroyed it in spirit and deed.

Phyllis Chesler and others call for an end to support of the UN and the creation of the United Democratic States. An idea long overdue as the UN progresivly works more and more against its original mandate and objectives.

From Front Page Magazine

“In what one observer decried as “a very Orwellian moment,” the fight against radical Islam suffered a setback in the halls of the United Nations last Monday. Islamic countries won UN backing for an anti-blasphemy measure called “Combating Defamation of Religions,” which passed 85-50 with 42 abstentions in a meeting of the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee on November 23.”

The UN, created as a replacement for the defunct ‘League of Nations’ was intended to prevent anything like the Holocaust from occurring again. It clearly not only has failed to do so, (Rwanda is one of many genocides or attempted genocides since WW2) but is actively working on creating future ones in some ways. A google search for Durban conference I and II should provide ample evidence of that.

The Organization of Islamic Councils have pretty much turned all original UN purposes on their heads. When Yassir Arafat stormed the UN building with gunmen in the 1970s and was given an audience instead of promptly arrested we should have known then what was coming.

Kudos to Canada though for being the one nation with the moral fibre and courage to actually openly state it will not be attending Durban II. if a few more nations acted similarily we might be able to stop the tide of global Islamic fascism before it comes to open war. Like we see in India today and parts of Europe even if they don’t admit it yet.

Make no mistake. Islam and Islamic states fully intend to create a global Islamic caliphate and death is not merely the cost of doing so as they see it but a desirable fringe benefit. Anyone who has watched the events in Mombai the past two days and doesn’t get it yet may as well go join them. The time has come to line up and pick a side. Freedom, real rights for women minorities and alternative points of view, or Islam and it’s useful idiots the Western left.

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