India: Once again the canary doesn’t look so good

In that ‘The Jews ARE the Canary in the coal’ mine sense, the fact that they are singled out for attack despite any politics or other motive should be seen for what it is. Islam is waging it’s war on the world based on Quoranic tenants which are clear. The fact that the single out jews for special treatment in attacks and killing should assuage any lingering sympathies that Muslims are doing these actions because of any reasonable cause. There is no ‘oppression’ of Muslims in Israel or anywhere else that requires armed resistance. Islam is indistinguishable in its goals from Nazism in some ways (although granted the Nazis had a much better sense of fashion) or from Communists in its zeal to ensure that all of our ‘rights’ to live and think exactly as they do are fulfilled. Read on. From the NY Daily News

Friends say rabbi, wife held hostage

Thursday, November 27th 2008, 4:00 AM

A 29-year-old Brooklyn rabbi and his wife were believed to be among the foreigners held hostage by the terrorists that struck Mumbai, friends said early Thursday.

Gunmen seized the Mumbai headquarters of the Orthodox Jewish outreach group Chabad Lubavitch, run by Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife, Rivka, according to media reports.

Shots were heard coming from the building.

“Our prayers are focused on Rabbi Holtzberg and all of those who are going through this ordeal,” said Chabad spokesman Rabbi Zalman Shmotkin. “They are extremely caring people, both of them,” he said of the Holtzbergs, who live in Crown Heights.

The New York-based group’s Web site said that Holtzberg had been in touch with the Israeli Consulate, but that the line was cut during the conversation and that “no further contact has since been established.”

India TV reported that the terrorists threw a grenade at a gas pump located in a station next to the synagogue. They then stormed the center and took people hostage.

A woman who ran out of the center said she was a cook at the synagogue and that five or six terrorists were still holding hostages.

“Far as we know, it is still under siege,” Shmotkin said.

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  1. If Obama withdraws US support of Israel as is projected, Israel will no longer have any reason to listen to American demands for mercy or apeasement of muslim slights, insults and attacks. It will be a different ballgame, as they say, and I think the jews will take a much more studied and vicious hand in terrorist affairs. It will be a different world then. The muz have been getting away with this for far too long.

  2. Thats one scenario. As I see it, Obama has exactly the same world Bush had if not worse. So I see him as facing the same decisions with the same outcomes. Chances are Obama will maintain identical policies with the US left calling him a master of diplomacy and brilliant tactician. This is why its likely a good thing he was elected. He will have much more public support to do the things that must be done. It’s sad Bush was given such a bad ride for the same actions Obama will likely take but the fact remains sometimes illusions effect reality.
    There is also what I call, ‘The Vulcan Principle’. The idea that it takes a dove to be truly hawkish and vice versa from the spock quote “It takes a Nixon to go to China”

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