Video on freedom of speech about islam and Britain.

I hope Canadians take this video very seriously. Democracy depends on the ability to spread information and freedom from tyranny ALWAYS mean offending the orthodoxy whether its Nazis communists conservatives and most importantly, religious rulers. Europe would still be under Islamic and Catholic irrational and draconian rule if people had not had the courage to offend those who would control our speech actions and very thoughts.

This is exponentially more important when you factor in the motives. Superstition and vague lines from ancient books get interpreted by various contemporary religious leaders always for political objectives. Political speech must remain absolutely free.

Even so this video while good that it takes place misses the point entirely and avoids the relevant questions. While they focus on whether or not offensive speech should be allowed they do no mention that Muslims and other groups choose what they will find offensive in order to silence debate on their political agendas and therefore, move them forwards. No one mentioned this, and its all that needed to be said.

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