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UK Muslims Impose Ramadan Fasting Rules on Non Muslim Councillors

If there was ever any question that Britian’s Labour government was working hand and hand with muslims to Islamicize Great Britain than the below story should eliminate any doubts you may have had.

Or has the phrase “Give them an inch.. and they’ll take a mile” ever been more appropriately used then when telling about how Labour Party muslims, sitting on London’s Towel Hamlets council a (“muslim rich” area), with the blessing of the Labour gov’t bigwigs, have told all the NON MUSLIMS on the board that they MUST observe Ramadan and it’s Islamic rules.

You read right – a memo was sent out by council leader, Lutfur Rahman and his deputy, Siraj Islam, telling ALL councillors that during the period of Ramadan the following should occur:

1) All meetings will be kept at a minimum to accomodate the fasting councillors.

2) Council bosses have also ordered that the town hall’s business agenda should be reduced, with only seven scheduled committee meetings for the entire month, to deal with the Ramadan restrictions.

3) They urge all other councillors to resist eating until the breaking of the fast at sunset.

4) Council meetings normally start at 6:30 so with sunset due to fall just after 7.30pm at the beginning of September and around 6.30pm by the end of Ramadan, the breaking of the fast will take place during meetings. At that time here will be 45-minute adjournments to allow members to eat and pray, council leaders have ordered.

4) Normally tea, coffee and sandwiches are set aside for councillors to eat during evening meetings.But during Ramadan these will be reduced and complemented by special Muslim food packs containing chicken, lamb and vegetarian snacks.

5) But in an email, (Dhimmi) John Williams, the council’s head of democratic (a misnomer if I ever heard one) services, said: ‘It is requested that members do not partake of any refreshments until after the Iftar refreshments are served.’

Liberal Democrat leader, Stephanie Eaton, has voiced a concern that the Ramadan rules “Send the wrong message”.

Actually Mrs. Eaton the muslim’s are sending you and the other non muslims on the Council EXACTLY what muslims think is the right message –

Clearly this is an intentional, overt act of muslim superiority and dominance over the non-muslim Councillors — an act that has the blessing of the Labour government.

Such outrageous Islamization actions should be immediately be condemned and stopped. One can imagine if a Jewish or other religious group tried to do the same. At a minimum non-muslim councillors should REFUSE to follow RELIGIOUS rules set down for them to obey and if that sees no change they should call for a boycott of all Ramadan meetings if such rules are not eliminated.

I wonder when the muslim leaders will start passing out prayer mats, burkas and Qurans to ALL Tower Hamlets Muslimified Councillors? Somehow that seems to be heading towards more truth than jest.

This is only the “tip of the iceberg” and the British people can expect more and more of the same unless they put a stop to Islamization.

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