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Gates of Vienna has some of the best writing on the net about Islam and the west such as the following: (they frequently feature Fjordman, a historian that should be mandatory reading for all school children)

'Vienna Viewed from the Belvedere Palace', by Canaletto, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

At the siege of Vienna in 1683 Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe. We are in a new phase of a very old war

Monday, June 30, 2008

Demographic Conquest

by Baron Bodissey

Several years ago, after 9-11 but before we started blogging, Dymphna and I often had discussions about the coming Islamization of Europe. It was easy to see the trend: on the one hand there was the demographic decline of the indigenous population, and on the other was a dangerous multicultural ideology that fosters increasing levels of Muslim immigration.

The conclusion was obvious: absent a change of course, Europe will become a Muslim continent by the year X. The only question is whether X will be 2040, or 2100, or somewhere in between.

What was hard to understand was how the transfer of power would occur. Right now the parts of Europe that have been Islamized are mostly the working-class neighborhoods of large European cities and their suburbs. The blue-collar natives are gradually driven out as whole districts become no-go zones.

However, the elites who make policy remain in power and are for the most part removed from the effects of their decisions. They don’t live in the devastated neighborhoods, or send their children to the gang-plagued schools, or worry about being mugged or raped on their way home at night.

So for the time being they get to retain their power and perks, and continue to act out the illusion of an advanced, harmonious, enlightened, multicultural society, superior in so many ways to the racist nationalistic states of the past.

But all that must change eventually. As the immigrant percentage grows larger, especially in the major cities, power must eventually be transferred to the newcomers. How will that occur?

That’s the part of this process which is difficult to visualize. At some point the white post-Christian indigenes of Europe will have to hand over the keys to their new masters, the Arab, African, Pakistani, and Turkish Muslim immigrants.

Until recently, even after five years of studying the situation, I was still struggling to grasp how it will all unfold.

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Several recent comments and news stories have fed into the reopening of this question. Though seemingly disparate items, they are pieces in a larger puzzle:

Piece #1: A comment made by What is “Occupation” on my post from last Saturday about the recent rapes in the Gare du Midi in Brussels:
– – – – – – – –

As I recently posted, this is not an isolated situation

Might I suggest the following?

  • Attacks on Jews & their property
  • Attacks on Single European women
  • Attacks on cars and property (car burnings in france)
  • Areas of Europe that are no long safe for non-african/islamic peoples
  • Areas of sharia control within europe
  • Honor Killings IN England and Europe
  • FGM in England and Europe

It is not really a fair thing to portray the Gare du Midi situation as JUST how a “european woman” has been raped, but rather it would be MORE fair to tell this story while including all the other attacks by the SAME DEMOGRAPHIC during this period.

Piece #2: The story I posted last night about the corrupt MEPs who are enriching themselves at the expense of European taxpayers whilst doing as little work as possible. These deadbeats show up for work at the crack of dawn on Fridays at the parliament building in Strasbourg, sign in so that they qualify for their lavish per-diem, and then depart for the weekend. Their reaction when caught in their shameful behavior is to call security and have the reporters thrown out of the building.

Piece #3: The promotion of whole-body Islamic swimming attire for women in Sweden, in a simultaneous series of gushing media articles about the fortunate Muslim women who can now go swimming, thanks to an aquatic version of the burqa.

Piece #4: A Dutch news story from last Saturday. According to this article from NIS, the prison population in the Netherlands has grown by 193% in the past twenty years, an average increase of 5.5% per year. Comparing the 2007 population of 16,570,613 with the 1990 population of 14,936,032, we see that the general population increased by 0.6% annually.

In other words, the prison population increased at nine times the rate of the population at large, and “the increase in the Netherlands was higher than in the other Western countries surveyed: the US, the UK, Australia, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark.”

Piece #5: The Dutch government’s plan to crack down on bloggers who criticize Islam.

Piece #6:The emergence of a Muslim majority within the ruling Socialist Party on the Brussels City Council.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
So how do all these pieces fit together?

The commenter quoted above touched the main points of the demographic invasion of Europe. The process didn’t turned out the way its planners intended, and a dystopian nightmare has emerged across the continent, with its most intense manifestations appearing in the countries with the largest Muslim populations: France, Britain, Sweden, and the Netherlands. The pattern is everywhere remarkably similar, considering that the Muslim immigrants in each of these nations come from different countries, and even different continents.

Crime, arson, rioting, rape, honor-killings, and general lawlessness accompany the immigrants wherever they choose to settle.

The prisons are now filled to overflowing, and not just in the Netherlands. There is a general reluctance to build more prisons, since the European anointed — like their counterparts in the United States — hew to an ideology that blames crime on poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, racism, and so on. All of these conditions are alleviated by the supremely generous European welfare state, so how can there possibly be an increase in crime?

The solution: avoid chasing and apprehending most of the criminals. Release the ones that are caught at an earlier date, thus creating the illusion that crime is not all that bad. The governing classes can go on pretending that administration is running as usual and everything is normal, all the while granting themselves ever-larger salaries.

The habit of governing without accountability creates a sense of entitlement and impunity within the ruling classes, and this arrogance is reinforced as power is handed over from national bodies to the aloof bureaucracy in Brussels and Strasbourg. Endemic corruption sets in, secrecy becomes the norm, and any exposure or criticism causes a crackdown on the impertinent journalists who dare to question the actions and decisions of their overpaid and overfed overseers.

Along with the “hard broom” — crime, intimidation, ostracism, loss of employment, and laws against freedom of speech — comes the “soft broom”, a widespread propaganda campaign in public agencies and the state media to present Islamic customs and rules as normal, even admirable. The violence and barbarity are hidden and ignored. Islam is depicted as a peaceful, wholesome religion, like Christianity but somehow better.

The smiling faces of little girls in hijab and the devout men on their prayer rugs become the depicted norm, and anybody who views the situation differently is a racist, a bigot, and a xenophobe.

Real people, people who have to live with the day-to-day reality on the streets, know better. They deal with the consequences every day, but they are atomized and outnumbered. If they have a solution to the dilemma, it is to escape to the un-Islamized countryside, or even abroad — not to try to change a situation which seems hopeless and inevitable.

With the indigenous populace demoralized, and immigrant crime and intimidation ruling the mean streets of Europe’s working-class neighborhoods, the gradual insertion of Muslims into positions of power becomes feasible. The immigrants and the socialist parties have been allies for decades, so it’s only natural that the Muslims who deliver votes for the Reds and the Greens get to occupy seats at the table and help divide up the spoils.

None of the incumbent apparatchiks has to give up his power and perks. Attrition does the job, and when an indigenous office-holder retires, an immigrant from the well-oiled socialist machine is ready to take his place. The corrupt white European politician is replaced with a corrupt immigrant politician, who inherits his predecessor’s lavish lifestyle with its exorbitant salary and perks.

It’s new skin for the old ceremony.

In twenty or thirty years’ time the transition will have passed the point of no return. Muslims will have majority control of local government in many of Europe’s major cities, and will also be well-represented in the regional bodies and the EU machinery. Shariah will have been enacted piecemeal in various places — halal meals in all public institutions, the acceptance of the veil, including the burqa, in government offices and schools, the segregation of the sexes in various activities, penalties for insulting Islam, shariah finance instruments, the legalization of polygyny, etc. — so that the general public will be completely softened up for the advent of the Islamic state.

The process whereby Europe will make the transition to Islamic rule is now quite clear.

It’s already well underway, and it couldn’t happen without the primary institution that mediates the transformation: the European Union.

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