Excelent audio interview with Ezra Levant from CFRA

Aug. 7th interview with Ezra Levant on the hollow victory he received from the Alberta Human rights commissions. I must tell you, when Mark Steyn wrote his article about how he hopes that he and Mcleans Magazine loses in the HRC, I thought that Mark may have outsmarted himself. The HRC’s are just barely smart enough to recognize the truth in Steyn’s argument that winning for them would likely incite Canadians to force our government to end the reign of error and censorship they enjoy at taxpayer expense.

Clearly those officious stuffed shirts at the HRC read Steyn’s article, realized the truth of it and allowed the first acquittal they have EVER DONE in their entire history. Remember, up to now, The HRC’s of Canada have a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CONVICTION RATE

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