Could Mel Brooks be the ‘Producer’ of Hillary Clinton’s campaign?

Ok stick with me here a minute.

There are a number of things that taken on their own, ‘just don’ make no sense’ about Hillary’s campaign strategy. Lets look at a few from just the past few days:

  1. Hillary Clinton avoiding the media on campaign tour

(It is extremely unusual that someone running for president would avoid the press one might think. Triply so for a Democrat)

2. She seems to cough her way through speeches. Which I suppose saves a lot of writer expenses and TelePrompTer costs, but is an odd choice for content on a campaign speech even with the lower word price on campaign speeches.

    3Hillary gets $500,000.00 from a Pakistani man who got a promise to criminalize criticism of islam from her for the money. This is from someone who actually did read the 1st amendment and understands it, unlike the constitutional expert who lives in the White House at this time.

4. Hillary Clinton angers supporters by making them wait hours for a 5 minute speech. (I wonder if she coughed her way through it?)

It is also well known that Hillary, with Obama’s help quite often, has been raising money quite consistently and quite well and with serious dedication. I am guessing she doesn’t cough her way through those meetings nor is she incoherent. I remember quite a few headlines about things Obama did not attend because he was at a fund raiser, some of them at least must have been for her campaign.

Now lets connect the dots.

For those who have seen Mel Brooks’ hit play/movie, ‘The Producers’, if you run through the plot line in your head you may see the connection here yourself. For those who have not I suggest you watch the movie, I recommend the original version with Zero Mostell and Gene Wilder, as soon as possible thinking about Hillary’s fund raising tours and her displays of near ludicrous incompetence and anti-campaigning.

If you have not seen the movie or the play, CAUTION: Partial spoiler ahead. Stop reading now unless you really don’t care but you should, its one of the funniest movies ever made.

I won’t give away the ending, but the basic premise is that a Broadway play producer is told how he can make more money by a play that flops than one that succeeds, as if he sells 10,000% of the play to hundreds of people, they are unlikely to come looking for their investment back if the play fails. So he sets out with his new partner, ironically an IRS agent, to find the worst play, the worst actors, the worst choreography he can find and goes out fund raising.

The thing of it is, I simply cannot read a story about Hillary Clinton these days without thinking about this movie. Now on the one hand, if this is indeed what she is doing. If she is ‘Brooksing’, or perhaps, ‘Springtime for Hillary’ this election, its the least worst scenario. The worst scenario is that this is indeed what she is doing, but she gets the same outcome as happens in the movie.

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6 Replies to “Could Mel Brooks be the ‘Producer’ of Hillary Clinton’s campaign?”

  1. Hillary knows she’s not going to be President, and I seriously doubt that she wants to be at her age, anyway. Unless there is some overwhelming reason not to, the Americans alternate their Presidency between the Republicans and the Democrats, and there is certainly no reason to change that at this time. That is why the Republican nomination is so heightened this time around. They know that whomever wins will be the next President of the United States.

    As for the coughing, my mother started doing that as she got older and she didn’t have lung cancer or anything. It was just a product of age. She didn’t even smoke, but every now and then she’d start coughing to beat the band. Don’t know why. Her lungs were fine. That damn little tickle-cough…

    No, Hillary doesn’t want to be President. I don’t think she’s actually capable of being President. There’s no “there, there” with Mrs. Clinton and she probably know it. Hillary is looking forward to spending her declining years as the doyen of doyens of the American left. Queen Hillary. She, and her famous husband will continue living lives of unimaginable privilege and wealth, as they are held up by their left wing followers as living Gods, and they are both named super-duper-mega-delegates, or whatever the Democrats do to make some animals more equal than others…

  2. Oh, and I think that, “Springtime for Hitler in Germany” was the funniest movie moment I have ever or will ever see. “The Producers” was truly great!

    • You got that right, of course I never say a bad Mel Brooks, Gene Wilder movie and those of Zero Mostell are also funny, especially “A Funny Think Happened on the way to the Forum”

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