Mary O’Connor testimony at the National Citizen’s Inquiry

Dr. O’Connor was one of the people who spoke about Covid policies at the second room at the Ottawa and final hearings for the NCI. VIdeo below, but also please see our interview with Mary from last August as well as follow-ups on how her court case went. RAIR Article can be read here.

Dr. Mary O’Connor warns people to protect their files from an increasingly authoritarian state

Please watch this video of Dr. Mary O’Connor given in Ottawa on April first during a weekend long protest against the changes happening in Canada.

The report can be read at RAIR Foundation. Also I would ask people to click the little gear at the bottom right of the Rumble video embed and dial it up to the highest video setting available to give maximal enjoyment to the experience. It turns out Rumble does process and deliver a high quality video.