Islamic group with strong on-record Anti-Israel feelings, welcomed into Montreal Synagogue for “Muslim Awareness Week”

I think at this point even Helen Keller is fully aware of muslims by now and probably cut her fingers reading the koran.

Here is the broadcast from the Canadian branch of the Jewish Defence League:

Inset interview below:

Best to read the JDL shout at at the link above.


Paths to Peace

Angela Merkel opening a ‘World Peace Meeting’ in Münster, Germany, on September 10. The gentleman to her left is Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmad Al-Tayyeb.

Marco Impagliazzo, Angela Merkel and Sheikh Ahmad Al-Tayyeb, Sept. 10, 2017. Photo: dpa

Ahmad Al-Tayyeb explained on TV last year that the punishment for leaving Islam is death, and quite rightfully so:

According to Wikipedia,  “He is considered to be one of the most moderate Sunni clerics in Egypt.”
The Wikipedia entry on Mr. Al Tayyeb, or alternative spelling El Tayeb, is quite worth reading: Ahmed el-Tayeb

An original translation of the dpa (Deutsche Presseagentur, German Press Agency) release on the event:
Münster (dpa/lnw) – The international World Peace Meeting is starting today in Münster, Westphalia, with prominent guests. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), the president of the republic of Niger, Mahamadou Issoufou, and the president of the Eurpean Parliament, Antonio Tajani, will be speaking at the festive opening
The three-day event in the Cathedral cities Münster and Osnabrück wants to promote peace in the world. Its motto is “Paths to Peace”. Leading church and religious representatives and around 5,000 participants from all over the world are expected.
The international World Peace Meeting is organized by the catholic community Sant’ Egidio, seated in Rome. It takes place at a different location each year. Pope John II. for the first time asked religious leaders from all over the world to a World Peace Meeting in Assisi, Italy, in 1986.


The short video of the Scottish cathedral event

Youtube took this video down and gave the channel a Copyright strike because of it. But it is in fact a bullseye for fair use. The process for disputing on the basis of Fair Use seemed obtuse to us, so we chose not to pursue it, as it was nearly impossible to figure out how, and the cost benefit of doing so also seemed tilted.”However as we merely subtitled a newsworthy event and put it in its full context, exposing the Scottish Anglican cathedral of allowing a Muslim woman to intone a prayer that denied the divinity of Jesus in an interfaith service, it seemed a newsworthy thing to do and therefore dead centre of Fair Use despite the fact that the Cathedral’s own Youtube channel pulled down the video, presumably out of embarrassment because of the exposure many sites gave the event.

And now the same thing happened at another cathedral, with another muslim, and the organizers ALSO pulled it down.


More on the Scottish Cathedral interfaith event. Is there a pattern?

Earlier today we posted the following video:

Breitbart has followed up with this story:

The head of the Scottish Episcopal Church has said he is “deeply distressed at the widespread offence” caused by the reading of a passage from the Quran denying the divinity of Christ during an Epiphany service, but no apology has been issued.

In a statement posted to his blog site, David Chillingworth, the Primus of the Church appeared to strongly rebuke Kelvin Holdsworth, the Provost of St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow, where the reading took place, arguing that interfaith work, “like all works of reconciliation, must be founded on truth.” He continued: “We approach others with open hearts but we stand in the truth of the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

However, no apology for the reading has been forthcoming; Chillingworth reasoning that the “The decisions which have led to the situation in St Mary’s Cathedral are a matter for the Provost and the Cathedral community.”

But sometimes things need a wider context to be seen in their full implications. Is this an isolated incident or a policy?

Lets go back to 2014 and revisit the Pope’s Rose Garden interfaith service and Stephen Coughlin’s analysis of it.

The event:

The analysis:

There clearly is a pattern here.

But the fact is that the koran is not an analogue of the bible. Not the Torah or the Gospels. It is a war manual of global manifest destiny that councils genocide of the non-member of Islam on nearly every page.

So wherever it is read, it will be what it is.



Anglican Cathedral invites muslim to do prayer, then deletes the video from their Youtube channel after outrage

An Anglican cathedral in Scotland invited a muslim to intone a prayer at an interfaith service and of course she picks one that denies the divinity of Jesus.

Outrage follows and the Anglicans double down on their outreach program, but deletes the video from their own page.

Below is the video the posted, with the rest of the prayer added at the end, which was not shown in the original video.

Breitbart broke the story and has details here.

Notice the not-working video at the BB link.

Meanwhile, the head of the Scottish Anglican Church is upset by people’s reaction to the prayer and hopes to spray everyone with enough sanctimony to force submission before they have to go to the gulags.

Bishop David ChillingworthImage copyrightESME ALLEN

The head of the Scottish Episcopal Church says the Church is “deeply distressed” at the offence caused by the reading of a passage from the Koran in a Glasgow cathedral.

The comments of the Church Primus, the Most Rev David Chillingworth, follow criticism that Islamic verses were read during an Epiphany service.

In his blog, he also condemned the abuse received by St Mary’s Cathedral.

Police are investigating offensive online messages aimed at the church.

The primus, who is also Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane, said the church wanted to bring together people involved in interfaith relations.

You can see the whole prayer here in non scrolling text.