The Climate scare officially recanted by major activists and media

Even FORBES published his recanting of this abuse of the public. And then pulled the article.

But here it is from the archive.

The following link is from David Icke’s site. Now while this is a really really poor standard to put him against, he is at least more honourable and honest than the CBC.

Climate Depot still has the original article up for the moment.  Part of it below

Prominent climate activist Shellenberger officially recants: ‘On Behalf Of Environmentalists, I Apologize For The Climate Scare’

We will post the Forbes thing if it can be found on the Wayback. but Google in its infinite Winston Smithism, has started tampering with that from some reports we have seen, recently as well.

George Orwell was an optimist

This is why they call it the Lugenpresse in Germany, and “Fake News” in the USA.

For anyone who has been following the story of the Senegal migrant to Italy who decided to take revenge on Italian Children he was paid to drive by burning them all alive because he couldn’t willy nilly import every friend or relative he has at state expense, you might see why this BBC headline could be upsetting to some:

Imagine if you would, thousands of Englishmen going to the various publicly funded palaces of the BBC with piles of dog evacuate sandwiches and glasses of urine and offering them to the staff inside and telling them, “This is filet mignon and Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1999 please enjoy! And if they protest that it is not, and claim  it’s really a shit sandwich and a glass of piss, start screaming at them that they are horrible racists who just hate brown people.

That would actually be what even the BBC would have to call, “proportional response”.