New Israeli PM challenged on harsh covid speech, Unicorns now so common in Illinois, there is a bounty on them: Links 1, July 25, 2021

1. Israeli reporter challenges the new PM on draconian Covid regs and discrimination

Link to article

2. Poland: 1000 illegal migrants to be settled in village of 500 people

(I have recently seen other articles about overwhelming amounts of illegal migrants being used to negate whole traditional and old towns in the West. This has been happening in the US since Obama was first elected, and again now, but also in Scotland, where traditional and ancient towns are being replaced with dramatically foreign people. This would be a good example of Thesis, counter-thesis, solution. To implement world socialism, you need to destroy all cultures, traditions and history that people feel is important. Obliterating these traditional towns seems like a solid example. After all, if it was really about rehoming “refugees”, which nearly none of them are, a big city makes more sense.)

Lithuanian authorities have announced the establishment of a accommodation centre for migrants in the Polish-populated town of Dziewieniszki near Vilnius, Lithuania. This means that approximately 1,000 illegal immigrants would be permanently settled in Dziewieniszki, a village with a population of 500.

The local population is protesting against the plan. They are supported by several organizations, including the Lithuanian Polish Electoral Group, the Association of Christian Families, along with Church representatives, public figures and Polish MPs. Speaking to Maryja Radio on Friday, Association of Christian Families President Dr. Bogus?aw Rogalski recalled that the Lithuanian interior minister deployed 150 armed police to the Polish residents’ protest against the settlement of illegal Islamic migrants. The president also mentioned to the fence erected by the Hungarian government on the Hungarian-Serbian border, which he said was functioning effectively and made it unnecessary to place a large numbers of illegal migrants in reception centres.

There is a Polish video on this. If anyone knows someone who can do translation from Polish to English, please leave a comment under this post. We would quite like to subtitle this one. We can show the translator how to do it for video.

3. The Social credit system in China, which in one form or another will be here soon

4. 159 Dead, 593 Hospitalized in Illinois Breakthrough COVID Cases

More than 150 people have died and nearly 600 have been hospitalized in Illinois due to COVID-19 in “breakthrough” cases after they were fully vaccinated, according to state health officials.

According to data updated Wednesday by the Illinois Department of Public Health, 159 people in Illinois have died due to COVID-19 or complications after being fully vaccinated. That figure equates to 2.3% of COVID-19 deaths in the state since Jan. 1, officials said.

At least 593 fully vaccinated people have been hospitalized in Illinois, IDPH said. The state only reports breakthrough infections among those who have been hospitalized or died, following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, IDPH said.

(So the CDC wont let us know how many are sick but not in hospital, or how many tested + after being fully injected. Fascinating. Its almost like there is a jack under 2 legs of the table and its being cranked up a little every week.)

5. This is an important one. Most people likely know that Speaker’s Corner in London, a part of Hyde Park, (which at this point one wonders if it used to be called Jekyll park before the muslims moved in) was an iconic spot for Freedom of Speech. This was the locus. The promised location that anyone could get on a soapbox, literally, or a step stool or what have you, and make your pitch about whatever and whoever you wanted. It was for unfettered political and religious speech and criticism. It has also been there a long time. Lots of kooks would sound off as well, and lots of people would heckle them. (Although in my approaching dotage I am increasingly reluctant to call anyone with something to say, a “kook”)

Then along came Islam. And in a masterstroke of tactics, they took over the area and made damn sure that anything that is said there was halal. This site has posted dozens of videos over the years of muslims stopping people from speaking through intimidation, threats of violence and actual violence. Even of police enforcing sharia norms under the unstated but implied bit of nonsense that they were protecting people from imminent harm done by the self appointed muslim guardians of public thought. The correct approach of course, would be to arrest people interfering with our most sacred right. But that ship has sailed, even as most deny or justify the events that destroyed it.

And now this:

My history is made of heroes who fought for our rights. It is a matter of great shame that those who do so today are recycled as villains by what are now more obviously communist governments and their propaganda outlets.

Thank you Johnny U., A. Bostom, PymPurnell EB., Richard, ET., Mad W., Kalloi, and MANY more working on a summer weekend to try and seperate noise from information. A very difficult job when the experts and trusted institutions, like NEJM and The Lancet get caught taking money to publish propaganda against effective medicine, and Facebook gets caught using Pfizer as their vaccine and medical fact checker.

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  1. 1/ Better than another scolding scribbler, another article in INN is the way to go:

    Israeli doctors to government: Integrate different opinions into COVID decision-making

    “Dozens of [top tier] medical professionals from around Israel, … addressed a letter to Prime Minister Bennett and Health Minister Horowitz in which they called on the government to integrate medical experts with different opinions into the country’s COVID decision-making echelon….

    “For almost a year and a half we have been dealing with coronavirus disease in the country, and with all its consequences in all areas of existence.”

    “[O]perative conduct is derived from certain assumptions. These assumptions include, among other things – the need to cut off any type of infection, the need to isolate healthy (‘asymptomatic’) people with any exposure to the virus, and the perception that the benefit of the vaccine outweighs the harm in all age groups.

    “These and other assumptions dictate the national response to the virus by the Ministry of Health, the Coronavirus Czar, the Team for the Treatment of Epidemics and a number of ‘opinion leaders’ (doctors and non-doctors) who have become, even without an official position, effective ‘policymakers’.

    “It is important for us to tell you that there is a large group of doctors and scientists who are challenging these assumptions, based on an in-depth analysis of the data from Israel and the world, a reading of the cumulative literature, the exchange of information with colleagues, and based on cumulative clinical experience….

    “[Diff assumptions, fundamental diff in management, including], concentrating on disease prevention in risk groups, significantly reducing testing of healthy ‘asymptomatic’ people (and implicitly – ceasing the incessant practice of tallying the number of verified cases), changing perception regarding ‘cutting off the chain of infection’, ceasing the vaccination coercion by means of a ‘green badge’ and its derivatives, and renewing examination of the recommendation to vaccinate teens….

    “We fear that at this time a faulty conception… has taken hold… The conception has already erred twice … dark predictions about [virulence], and in its optimistic predictions about the vaccine’s … sweeping solution to the pandemic….

    “When there is concern that a conception will become entrenched – as we learn from history – it is obligatory for those at the helm to look for, hear and test a variety of opinions and perceptions,” the letter continues. “This is in our blood.”

    “We call for not harming the blessed routine of life again – and in particular, the education of our children and the economy.

    “We call for enabling research and investing resources that will enable the treatment of coronavirus patients in the community, thus preventing hospitalizations, deterioration, and a burden on the health system.

    “We also call for changing priorities so that investment in the health system is broad, strategic and multi-dimensional, and not just centered around coronavirus disease.

    “We hereby call for allowing representatives of these groups to take part in the decision-making processes at this time.”

    • Israel has had, and will continue to have – till the Messiah comes/returns – a surfeit of prophets of apocalypse. Always diametrically opposed to one another, each more strident than the next, and ready to kill and die in a heartbeat.

      Before twitter, before ‘journalists’.

      Killer variants vs. clot shots.
      Nazis vs. attention-whores. (And Holocaust survivors can play both roles really, really well. The agitprop is right there.)

      This is NOT a medical issue.
      It’s ALL politics.

      The Left in the West and the much smaller, largely irrelevant left in Israel are NOT working the same beat. Israel has its own unique political challenges.
      It’s confusing enough for people living there; casual, outside observers don’t have a clue.


    I’m telling you, no white or Asian person in their right mind is going to stay in New York if they have the wherewithal to relocate to Latvia or New Jersey. Kurt Russel’s “Escape From New York” is actually about to happen right before our eyes. A murderous racist African American guy in a hoodie could come out of a subway and appear anywhere in the city and you’re not allowed to defend yourself in any way if he attacks you. People have no choice but to leave. It’s just not safe.

    The above attack will not be listed as a racist hate crime because the perpetrator is not white, but racist hate crime it most certainly is. And just as surely as all white kids seem to know how to swim, all black kids seem to know how to throw a punch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a black guy hit that it didn’t look like Sugar Ray Leonard.

    The contempt this African American man showed toward his victim is absolutely shocking. His hatred of white people must be just off the charts, and in New York City there are tens of thousands more just like him all chanting, “Black lives matter…” as they march, clenched fists raised in anger, down the street in their hate-and-looting parades…

    Whatever power engineered this disaster might just as well have dropped a slow-acting A-bomb on the Big Apple, which is quite an accomplishment when you consider we don’t even really know who that “power” even is. Could the destruction of New York be a new super-modern super covert kind of “Pearl Harbor”?

  3. ITEM 4 – Of course, most people don’t walk around in public naked – so in a sense we are already wearing butt masks in public, except when we do the business. A 2001 study suggested wearing clothes makes a significant difference to how much environmental contamination can occur when someone farts.

    FART OF DEATH? British Politicians are allegedly concerned about a case of Covid-19 transmission apparently caused by someone passing wind in an adjacent toilet cubicle.

    Ministers ‘fear coronavirus could be spread by farting in a confined space’

    Ministers have privately pointed to evidence that suggests Covid-19 could be spread when an infected person breaks wind in a confined space, such as a toilet, it is reported

    • I’m trying hard to be serious as I picture the scientist investigating whether COVID-19 could be spread by an untoward crepitation in a confined space. Did he have out a magnifying glass and a microscope? I’m having trouble here…

  4. Item 2 : I understand polish , so the government from Lithuania want establish 1000 illegal Islamic migrants in the middle of the village where are 2 schools with children, and they are very worry about the violence and possibly reap like in Germany. , and all over Western Europe, so they are fighting, even arm police it’s protesting, they say they have to find a place to relocate them , for me the best thing, SEND THEM Back, where are they come from ,pronto..

  5. 4 – “That figure equates to 2.3% of COVID-19 deaths in the state since Jan. 1, officials said.” How many were “fully vaccinated” way back on Jan. 1? Almost zero I’d suspect. I’d like to see the stat since May 1, for example.

    • Turning the temperature down. Or trying to.
      Maybe work things out together as competent professionals – instead of offering blood-sport circuses. Garbage media craves the latter, debases the body public.

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