Brilliant segment on Tucker with Naomi Wolf from last night, proof of her assertion, and evidence of the secondary assertion below that

Computing Forever offers us an excellent example of how the Irish government is doing precisely what Naomi explains is always the case. He goes on to suggest that if and when Wuhan Flu lockdowns end it will move on to CO2 lockdowns. Something that can be justified in that Marxist way, until there is not one human left on Earth:

Aerospace engineer, Tom Harris, explains how and why that might be the case.

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8 Replies to “Brilliant segment on Tucker with Naomi Wolf from last night, proof of her assertion, and evidence of the secondary assertion below that”

  1. That is where we are headed, the left took control of the educational systems and dumbed down what is taught to the point most people can’t think for themselves. This gives the left and they pseudo science to scare people into giving up all of their freedom, those of us who can still think for themselves are labeled science deniers and terrorists.

    The coming Dark Age and series of wars that this attempt at global domination by the left will last a lot for a Century or more and will be darker and meaner then the last Dark Age. Wars drive innovation and our high tech will increase despite all the left can do.

    • That CO2 drop is NOT going to help the yield of the many farms owned by Gates thus lessening available grain etc. Strange! Maybe forced famine is the next ace up the sleeve of the globalist swine after all. It was a common strategy used long before Stalin re-invented it in the Ukraine and the southern soviet states(not as severe as the Ukraine but far less documented)
      Virus..climate… famine…genocide…most whites live at the end of long food chains. The banning of fossil fuels will make food more expensive and no 1/4 acre block can sustain a family even if worked full time. Thus when planned famines hit it will be those in the cities and towns who suffer most and that seems to be aimed at whites but all will suffer as that IS the aim. I guess that the extremely few Oz aborigines who along with, SWA bushmen and Amazonian recluse tribes live “the old way” will survive. I guess that they will have to be trained to cater for the elite. This is beginning to fit IMO

  2. I thought that Mars had no van Allen belts and with its lower gravity could not be certain of keeping an atmosphere? someone correct me here please?
    Using the current climate “science” people to help out on Mars terraforming theory seems a little too much TBH as politics is not science.

  3. This is my greatest fear. Climate change is the big event to the left and they’ve been setting it up for decades. If they ever feel they have the mandate they are going to make our lives absolutely intolerable, all in the name of “saving the bloody planet”. It’s exactly the same as the Hans Christian Anderson story of the Emperor and his magical new clothes and the Swindlers are going to have a field day emptying our pockets…

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