Another data point for the Capitol building walk in being akin to The Reichstag fire

Remember this post from all the way from yesterday?

Let’s have a look at who was involved with breaking in to the capital on the 6th

Most interestingly for this post, is this video done by RAIR Foundation about a genuine left wing violent revolutionary

He inserted himself with Trump supporters and was part of what looks like a false flag op to get GOP house members to not contest the Electoral college.

Well look who got released from jail already, even from the serious charge of, what are the Democrats and enemy propagandists calling it? Oh yeah. Insurrection.

Watch the thread about his adventures in DC here.

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3 Replies to “Another data point for the Capitol building walk in being akin to The Reichstag fire”

  1. Like I said yesterday the kinetic portion of the Second Civil War has started.

    We have had the American version of the Reichstag fire, next (shortly after Biden is sworn in will come our version of Krystal Nact. Things are going to get interesting here and around the world, early today I posted a video from India about they were rushing development of a missile that will reach to Peking. They also talked about building new ground hugging cruise missiles that can carry nukes, they are expecting things to go South real fast after Biden is sworn in.

  2. I think we are going to have a Kristallnacht but it will actually be a KristallMonat and it started last night with the deletion of President Trump’s Twitter account and the deletion of thousands of others, and the removal of followers of popular non-leftists.

    It may be several KristallMonats actually.

    • Could be, I was thinking of antifa going to he homes of the people CNN doxed and breaking, in and beating up the entire family.

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