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Covid-19 or no! Police must respect the Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Let’s face it, Canadians were duped when they were asked, back in mid-March 2020, to give up their civil liberties for a few weeks to “flatten” the Covid-19 “curve”.  The idea was to social distance (but not wear masks) and give up on “non-essential” work and travel to keep hospitals from being overrun. This initial “lockdown” was not effective as, some 10 months later, we find ourselves in the midst of a second as cases rise and draconian restrictions are re-imposed on a weary public.

Problem is, rather than ask why the first “lockdown” failed and charting a more effective course, the powers-that-be decided we didn’t lock down enough. It was everyday citizens who had failed to take the situation seriously and it was their stubborn insistence on socializing with friends and loved ones that was the problem. Even as they suffered through job losses and the deprivations associated with isolation. The gall!

Nevermind those who observed that the virus was just doing what viruses do and was re-emerging in the colder months as is the norm for such things in northern climes. Nevermind that many reports and authoritative studies posited the possibility that therapeutic-based treatments, even on an out patient basis, could flatten that curve and keep folks out of the hospital let alone ICUs. And nevermind that the only research that supported the “lockdown” mantra was born from a high school science project. […]


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