More Muslim child sex slavers sentenced, and Omar wishes to cede sovereignty of the US to the UN: Links , Aug. 29 19

1. Police are seeking missing person, military reservist thought to be recruiting for international Neo-Nazi group, The Base

(The Arabic name, Al-Qaeda, translates to English as, “The Base”. This may prove useful in determining the group’s planned actions)

The man accused of recruiting for a global neo-Nazi terrorist group while serving in Canada’s Army Reserves has gone missing, and his boss is pleading with him to contact his distraught family.


On Monday, Beausejour RCMP in Manitoba got a missing persons report for Patrik Mathews, 26, who was last seen on Saturday evening by his father, who reported him missing on Monday evening.


Mathews’s alleged ties to the group known as The Base led to his release from the Armed Forces this week.

“Efforts to contact and locate him by family and police have been unsuccessful since the report was received,” says an RCMP statement.


“This is a missing person investigation. There is no warrant for arrest and there are no charges pending against the individual.”


Mathews’s boss last saw him on Friday. He asked for permission to leave work early so he could turn in his military kit and resign from the Forces.

(The CBC piece is long but can be summarized as: ‘This man is missing. He is trained in explosives. People who know him say he is not capable of harming anyone)

2. Another muslim ‘refugee’ guilty of raping a 10 year old child.

3. India accuses Pakistan of trying to infiltrate terrorists

(The jingoism between India and Pakistan is heating up as it has since muslims in India decided they could not tolerate living in a non-sharia state and created their own quilt of tribes land of Pakistan. There has been wars over Kashmir in the past and likely will be one soon. The rights and wrongs are tricky, but it seems that the rules and regulations in Kashmir are set up to guarantee a Muslim state over time. Hindus cannot buy land etc. etc. Somewhat like the insane rules at Judaism’s most sacred site, the Temple Mount which Jewish people are not even allowed to pray at, and muslim goon squads make sure that no Christians or Jews can do so.)

India on Thursday said it has information that Pakistan is trying to infiltrate terrorists into the country to carry out attacks amid rising tensions over New Delhi’s decision to abrogate the autonomy of Indian-administered Kashmir.


External Affairs Ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar told reporters that Indian security forces were prepared to deal with any eventuality.


He was reacting to Indian media reports that cited unidentified Indian intelligence sources as saying Pakistan-trained commandos have entered Indian waters to attack port facilities in western Gujarat state.

He said Pakistan is trying to infiltrate terrorists to create an alarmist situation after New Delhi imposed a lockdown and ended Indian-controlled Kashmir’s autonomy early this month.

In Pakistan, military spokesman Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor rejected the Indian claims, saying Pakistan was a responsible state and “we would be insane to allow infiltration” across the Line of Control dividing Kashmir between the two countries.

(The book, The Quranic Concept of War, written by Pakistani general Malek, and adopted by the country’s equivalent of the Joint Chiefs as the official manual of war, is mandatory reading for anyone wishing to understand Islam’s war against the unbeliever. A PDF download of this document is available here.

4. Ilhan Omar accused of committing perjury 8 times in 2017, could face 40 years in jail

(The impeachment/Kenneth Star proceedings against Bill Clinton was never about his affair with his aide. It was always about him having purged himself during the trial for raping Paula Jones. It was established that he did perjure himself as he said under oath that he had not had sex with anyone but his wife, and then the Lewinsky story broke. This leaves the question: Do elected leftist representatives ever face any consequences in the rare instances that they are convicted for things like treason or perjury?)

Rep. Ilhan Omar, the devoutly anti-Semitic House freshman who claims to love America despite calling its citizens terrorists and insisting the country was founded on genocide, is getting a lot of attention in the news days — most of it negative. Earlier today, LU revealed that a D.C. mother has filed for divorce claims that Omar stole her political-consultant husband.


But that’s small potatoes next to a bombshell report that suggests, among other things, that Ilhan entered the U.S. in 1995 fraudulently, falsely claiming to be a member of the “Omar” family. From Scott Johnson of Powerline via PJ Media’s David Steinberg:

Related: FEC complaint against Ilhan Omar and her married lover filed.

5. TWO Cameras outside Epstein’s cell not functioning at that exact time.

6. Most of this video is a play by play of probably a crazy, who went to Tim Poole’s home for some reason. If memory serves, ANTIFA or some analogue of it, doxxed him recently so this is no surprise. But the first minute has a revelation of some real general importance.

Many businesses in the US have far left wing propaganda in the window to avoid being vandalized. How does one properly put that into perspective?

7. BBC makes Ilhan Omar a victim with this unvetted story in order to avoid the staggering number of things it seems she has done which show contempt for the USA, its laws, its culture, its people and its allies. This is how narrative replaces law.

“Fake news = propaganda. Deep state = anti-state”.

8. Rotherham child sex abuse: Six men convicted


Six men have been found guilty of a string of sex offences relating to the sexual exploitation of teenage girls in Rotherham more than a decade ago.


Sheffield Crown Court heard the men abused their victims between 1998 and 2002.


Abid Saddiq, 38, was convicted of two counts of rape, five of indecent assault, and two of child abduction.

Sharaz Hussain, 35, Masaued Malik, 35, and Aftab Hussain, 40, were convicted of indecent assault.


Two other defendants who cannot be named for legal reasons were convicted of rape and indecent assault.

During the five-week trial, the jury heard how the girls were targeted due to their vulnerability and were given alcohol and drugs before some were raped by multiple men.

Violence was sometimes used to ensure they complied, the court heard.


Jurors also heard Saddiq raped a girl in an alleyway when she was aged 14 or 15, then taunted her mother.

9. Anti-Brexit protesters plan to target Jacob Rees-Mogg’s home at start of weekend of demonstrations

(The globalist Left is not just another point of view. It is a group of people that subscribe to a Hegelian/Marxist totalitarian view which does not believe that there are any means that are not justified by their world view. The only reason we do not see much worse than we do, (and some reasonable people hold that true horror has happened by ANTIFA) is not because they find those tactics objectionable, but because they either do not have the means to do them, or are uncertain of their effectiveness.)

Protesters plan to target Jacob Rees-Mogg’s home this evening and hundreds of thousands of people are expected to demonstrate on Saturday after Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue parliament.


Avon and Somerset police were alerted after social media users posted the address of the pub near Mr Rees-Mogg’s home where they planned to meet before targeting the leader of the Commons. Last year a demonstration at his Westminster home drew widespread criticism after protesters shouted at his children.

10. Ilhan Omar: The UN Should Handle Immigration Crisis at US-Mexico Border

Embattled Congresswoman Ilhan Omar surprised audience members at a speaking event this week; arguing the United Nations should be “brought in” to handle the immigration crisis at the US-Mexico border.

“Listen, we’re really losing our moral high ground… It doesn’t make any sense for us to be committing these kinds of human rights violations. To have these policies in the way that we interact with migrants and asylum seekers,” said Omar.

“If we want to continue to be the kind of country that condemns countries in Africa or Asia or Latin America for its treatment of refugees… We should do what any other country that’s dealing with this situation. We have to bring in the United Nations,” she added.

Let us be crystal clear about exactly what the United Nations is at this time:

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, EB., Xanthippa, Pym Purnell, Richard, and so many more, some of the names, but not the gratitude I lost track of on this post.

Prof. of Physics discusses the myth of Carbon pollution

A few words about determining the state of our nations at this time.

At one point, truth was an absolute defence. If you were brought up on trial, the facts of the matter would determine the outcome. People who were innocent in any rational way, would not be terrified of court, as the court had an obligation to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty on the facts, and the defendant had no obligation to prove innocence. This is as it should be of course. Additionally because proving a negative is exceedingly difficult.

Stephen Coughlin argues in his paper that there is a dialectic negation of law and even facts taking place and our institutions are replacing reason and law, with a narrative.

In the above video you can see how this is exactly what happened at all levels of the Austrian criminal justice system, leading right up to the European Court of Human Rights.

Hate Speech is the secular version of Islamic blasphemy laws. Blasphemy laws are also coming. But Islam traveling with both hands clasped together with the left, are perfectly happy to implement blasphemy laws bearded as “hate speech” laws and vice versa.

On this site since its creation, we have discusses what we view as the major tactic of leftists in authority. The use of selective enforcement. This remains correct. But its only a thin section of the model. What looks like selective enforcement is the 2D view of the 3D dialectic engine of destruction Marxists and Muslim groups have been using for decades now, to transform, erode, destroy, the integrity of Western institutions. It is a much more dimensional process than just selective enforcement, but that is what we see as a direct observer. Somewhat like a creature in Abbott’s Flatland would see a 3D person as a partial outline of a shoe print.

It is the replacement of rule of law with a narrative, shaped by carefully sculpted hate speech laws, which give the state the divine authority to determine what is true, what you can know, and what matters, no matter if it is true or not.

Marxism by all its legion of names, replaces God with the State. Or rather makes the state God. Yet it is never a benevolent one which grants free will on to its subjects.

This process is taking place in most of the West. But the first step to stopping and defeating this process, is to be as aware of it as possible.

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11 Replies to “More Muslim child sex slavers sentenced, and Omar wishes to cede sovereignty of the US to the UN: Links , Aug. 29 19”

  1. #10 – Ilhan Omar should be in an orange jumpsuit on her way back to Somalia and never allowed to re-enter the U.S. EVER!

    • What a brainstorm!
      Let’s put the blue helmets on our Southern border where they can barter food and medical care for sex like they do in Africa.
      It’s genius, I tell you. Talk about a deterrent!

  2. Excellent essay, Eeyore. I truly am trying to catch up on the Coughlin paper, but life gets in the way. Hopefully this long weekend I catch up. You synthesize it wonderfully, I suspect, and it most definately it is necessary reading to understand current events.

  3. 6- This is a slight escalation of the protests at Tucker Carlsons house, the leftist militias are starting to make the moves to make the violent attacks on their political enemies normal and in the minds of some justified. The violent destruction of the businesses that don’t have radical left propaganda in their windows is part of this campaign. They are working to scare/terrorize people into not opposing them because of the threat of injury or death. Yes I said death, I have no evidence to say that this was an attempt to murder Tim Poole but we have no reason to believe that this wasn’t the goal of the person attempting to break in.

    Watch your backs.

    Keep your muskets clean.

    Keep your powder dry.

    Be ready for more attacks on people who don’t toe the Marxist Party line.

  4. There’s a saying that western Civilization was built on Athens, Rome and Jerusalem: Greek philosophy, Roman Law, and Judeo Christian Revelation.
    Pope Benedict made this point in his speech at Regensburg, that it was not coincidence that Christianity blossomed in Europe.
    St Paul was about to go to Asia, but the Acts of the Apostles says that his way was barred by the Holy Spirit. In a dream he heard the voice of a Macedonian saying come over here and help us. And Paul went west instead of east.
    In the preface of his book about the Greek heroes written for his children, Charles Kingsley an Anglican rector, quotes Clement of Alexandria, one of the early Church Fathers. (Died AD 215), as saying that God sent down Philosophy to the Greeks from heaven, as He sent down the Gospel to the Jews.
    It’s not coincidence that as our culture has become less and less Christian it has become more and more irrational.

    • Great video, thank you EW. I feel very sorry for the colour green. The religions of Environmentalism and Islam both claim it. Green probably wishes it were a nice sky blue or bright yellow by now. Instead it gets torn apart by these two politicized, malignant maniacs. In a recent CNN interview a reporter visited Green in prison. He asked how happy it must be because it’s finally having its day in the sun, so to speak. Green shocked the reporter by saying it is in a living Hell, in fact, and that being claimed by two tyrants can only last until one conquers the other. Needless to say, CNN immediately shut down the conversation. I doubt you’ll see Green speaking very soon on any MSM.

      Before it was cut off by CNN, however, Green managed to get in a few choice words. It said that when scientists speak freely, as in the video above, it is like a poetry of truth that lends great hope. It proves that if we can only see through all the nonsensical propaganda there is great reason for optimism. Anthropogenic global warming is but a grand tool of wealth transfer, it said. Don’t buy the gloom and doom.

      When the CNN reporter asked Green what it thought of Red, it replied that it felt quite sorry for it:
      “The Communists got Red, poor bastard. He’s not as bad off as I am, but I feel for the guy.”

      “–But Red represents equality and inclusion and many noble ideals,” replied the reporter. “Have you never thought of the great things you and Red could achieve together?”

      Green has been in prison for many years and has no illusions that it will be freed any time soon. It sat in silence pondering its answer, then said quietly, ” If you must ask what is the result of a Red-Green marriage ask Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. But since they’re not talking maybe you should go straight to Brown. It withers in another cell down this very hallway. If you must know, Brown is a self-loathing reprobate who is forever trying to transfer its deficiencies onto others. It is also the colour, without coincidence, of excrement. What we need is a colour revolution!”

      That’s when CNN pulled the plug.

      • A gem. Perfection, Johnny!

        Sorta, kinda ‘Hegelian dialectic’ married to Jung?
        (Lordy! – that’s a mouthful – as Leaker Comey might put it.)

        Maybe this parable exempts us from slogging through our more formidable prose homework?!

        Nah, I didn’t think so. It’s heavy lifting, but character-building. Mj. Coughlin’s analysis of tardish double-talk was the most enlightening I’ve ever read.
        *Yellow is out: Hezbollah and shittes own it.
        **Lavender/Purple are also taken: Faux bipartisan signalling.

  5. Amazing how all the Bernier signs regarding migration have been removed. Imam Mazin Abdul-Admin, living in London, Ontario said “If the Ummah understands what is required of us as Muslims, what does a caliphate look like? What a system of Islam looks like and how to re-establish caliphate, according to the method of (Muhammad) the UMmah will rise up and know exactly what we have to do”.
    When will the press and politicians in Canada RISE UP and demand Maxim Abdul-Adhim be deported back to Iraq?

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