Spanish Speaking Africans demand unfettered access to USA at Mexican border

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There is so much wrong with this event I cannot even begin.

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    • According to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her Third Worldist Internationalist friends we “owe” them everything because it is due to us that they aren’t all living that two-car-garage Leave-it-to-Beaver lifestyle that comes so easily to white people. Then she mixes in climate change and says that they are here escaping the weather which is also entirely our fault.

      You may think we owe them nothing but there are a lot of people in Bangladesh and Eritrea who think you owe them plenty…

    • The cartels are everywhere, but they’re strongest in the north and west. The states on our border belong to them. AMLO could easily subcontract their muscle if he really cared.

      ~~ Chiapas raycisssss ~~
      Outta nowhere, goons give this demographic UN-blather. Cute.

      One of the poorest states of Mexico. Off-&-on war against the central govt for the last 50 years. Indios, non-native Spanish-speaking, low caste. That still matters in most of Latin America.

  1. Who paid for their airfare to Mexico?

    How much was the total cost of flying them to Mexico?

    How much of the cost was paid for by the AOC backers and how much by the Islamic Conquest backers?

    How much is being paid to the cartels to get them to ignore the massive invasion of reporters and police trying to cover and handle the mess?

  2. Questions any CIA analyst could answer in no time flat.
    Homeland Security, et al. should be demanding those answers, acting on readily available intelligence.
    But the upper echelons of the Executive aren’t on the Trump Train.

  3. Where are their families, no wives, no children, did they leave them behind to face the genocide or are they Black Axe members?

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