ANTIFA threatens to MURDER venue owner and his CHILDREN if AfD member speaks

Remember Frank Magnitz?
He is the AfD member who was jumped in an alley by two men and hit on the head with an iron bar.
The government-media complex told the world that he was drunk and fell and hit his head.
And then CCTV footage of the event was found.

The other day in Germany he was booked to speak at a privately owned venue due to an upcoming election and the communist thugs, ANTIFA, threatened to murder the owner and his family if they allowed him to speak.
Understandably, they cancelled the event.

Below, the CCTV of Frank being attacked in 2018:

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6 Replies to “ANTIFA threatens to MURDER venue owner and his CHILDREN if AfD member speaks”

  1. It was Joseph Goebbels that said;
    “We shall reach our goal, when we have the power to laugh as we destroy, as we smash, whatever was sacred to us as tradition, as education, and as human affection.”
    The Merkel Regime most likely didn’t just take ONE leaf out of the “Book”

  2. It’s time for about a hundred guys to go to an Antifa leader’s house and have a good long discussion about democracy and voter-intimidation and stuff like that. The hundred guys should also ensure that not one thing within the Antifa executive’s house still works properly or looks right ever again. When they threaten to murder you and your family it’s definitely time to be not nice…

    • When they threaten murder the answer should be worse violence then that they threaten. Nstrong>”Don’t pi$$ on them, Kick their a$$”.
      Make the fight your fight, make the enemy react to your actions instead of you reacting to them. The side reacting is the side losing.

  3. BREAKING: AfD Member of Parliament Frank Magnitz attacked again+++
    Frank Magnitz, an AfD member of the German Federal Parliament, was spat at by an unknown woman on Thursday afternoon in the Gröpelingen district of Bremen. The state security of the Bremen police is investigating a politically motivated crime and is investigating it for insult and bodily injury. According to the 66-year-old, a female cyclist spat in his face while passing the street Gröpelinger Heerstraße and fled unrecognized.Mr Magnitz then went to a police station and filed a criminal complaint. Further investigations are ongoing. The police ask: “Who observed the incident in Gröpelinger Heerstraße shortly before the junction at the street Beim Ohlenhof at about 2.45 pm? The cyclist was described as about 25 years old, with dark hair. She wore leggings. The police can take witness information by calling 0421 3623888.
    Read more:

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