Soviet commie flag flown in YVP Montpellier France

It isn’t like its hard to find a commie in the home of Postmodern thought. But its still disturbing to se the hammer and sickle flown like its a good think anywhere.

And of course it raises the question: If the protests manage to topple the government, what happens next? If its a fair election, I would be large on Le Pen winning it this time. But Im not aware of a fair election outside of Hungary where Soros has a vested interest in the outcome for some time now.

Please do check the comments under the Paris and the Rest of France posts. There is a lot of highly revealing information and videos about today’s riots.

Addendum: Worse,


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  1. “The Labour MP who chairs the home affairs select committee will table a bill in the House of Commons on Monday, under the catchy title of the European Union (Withdrawal) (No 3) Bill, which could be decisive in breaking the Brexit deadlock.

    It could lead to parliament being forced to make a straight choice between Theresa May’s deal and postponing Brexit in order to hold a new referendum. If that is what happens, I think there would be a small majority for the prime minister’s deal.

    The importance of Cooper’s bill is that it changes the default setting in law. At the moment, if parliament fails to act, the UK will leave the EU on 29 March. Cooper’s bill says that, if a deal has not been approved by 7 March, the government would be required to seek an extension of the Article 50 deadline. That would mean asking the EU to postpone the UK’s departure until the end of this year – and EU leaders have said they would agree to an extension if it were to hold another referendum.”

    European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 2) Bill 2017-19:

  2. <emAnd of course it raises the question: If the protests manage to topple the government, what happens next?

    This question is the one that has been bothering a lot of people, I think we can all agree that a fair honest election is shall we say improbable. The Hammer and Sickle being flown shows that one Soros group is present, and if the Soros puppets win the election the leaders of the protest movement are marked for arrest or death. After all they have proven that they know how to topple a government and none of the Soros puppets dare leave someone like tha running around loose. The scary part of the European Civil Wars looks to be starting in the near future.

  3. “The Labour MP who chairs the home affairs select committee will table a bill in the House of Commons on Monday ….”

    Has this been misposted? The thread is about France.

    Speaking of France, this looks now like a country at war. I think there’s already no going back in that things can never again be the same.

  4. You’re more likely to see hammer & sickle the further south you go in Europe. You’ll see it in Italy and Portugal, where they have a communist party in parliament.
    I think it’s largely for historic reasons. In Italy and Greece there was a communist resistance during WWII, so they had prestige afterwards.
    In Portugal there was a communist underground under the authoritarian Estado Novo regime. It was also censorious, the only source of information that wasn’t state-controlled was Radio Moscow, so yeah.
    Just how communist these parties still are is debatable. They play the role that left-of-centre parties do in north-west europe, ie defend workers’ rights, or at least claim to.
    Greece has a lunatic left fringe that shoots at police stations every now and then, not sure if they have any connection to the communist party. They also has a lunatic right fringe that attacks people with baseball bats, they stabbed a rapper to death. Greece has had a weird, unstable and thoroughly corrupt political culture since the end of the dictatorship.
    They received free money to stay in the western camp during the Cold War, now they get free money from the EU. That often has a corrupting influence.

    • Spain elected a communist PM. Barely-concealed under cover of “socialist”, Podemos is commie.

      The first foreign visitor welcomed by the new Comrade PM was George Soros. And then an avalanche of invaders.

      Gulf Arabs already own an alarming proportion of fixed assets in ye olde “Andaluz”. The ground beneath the feet of the Spanish people was sold out to their oldest enemy. (Besides controlling interest in chief industries, media, sovereign debt, etc.)

      Yet the fools feel oh-so-empowered, as they wave the standards of the _losers_ of their grandparents’ generation. Oiga, chicos: Franco is still dead!

      Compound anachronisms. They’ll roll all the way back to the Paleolithic, to paint caves in Altamira with their hammer-&-sickle and crescent moons. Authentic at last.

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