All of France Yellow Vest protests, act 10, except Paris

Please look in comments for videos and links to events today concerning Act 10 of the Yellow Vest Protests for all of France except Paris, which is in the post immediately next to this one.

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57 Replies to “All of France Yellow Vest protests, act 10, except Paris”

  1. What museum did the get the guillotine from?

    Macron and his ilk can’t say that they weren’t warned about what is coming if they keep oppressing the people.

    • Has anyone actually been assaulted, raped or murdered? Quite honestly from the videos I have watched that were made by such “journalists”, the bias is so offensively obvious that IMO they should regard such threats as well deserved. I have no time for traitors, be they journalists feeding off the globalist teat, police who are now just a tool of the elite, sharia believers or the globalists themselves. They sow the wind and they can now reap the whirlwind. Madame has come out to note that she has been missed. Let’s all see if she reverses her retirement. If she does we may have a 1789 twin. I await then a new “Tale of Two Cities”

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