Police Release CCTV Footage Of Brutal Attack On AfD Politician

Original translation of a police press release:

Place: Bremen
Date: 11.01.19

Public Prosecutor and Police have released a video for the purpose of public search concerning the investigations into the suspicion of inflicting dangerous bodily harm upon the MP Frank Magnitz, Bremen.

A video of the attack is published at www.polizei.bremen.de.

The video shows (partially in slow motion) the raw data of the relevant sequences, recorded by two different cameras in the Sankt-Pauli-Passage at the Theater at Goetheplatz.

Police and Public Prosecutor want to know: Who can give clues leading to the perpetrators? The criminal police can be reached under the 24 hour hotline 0421 362 3888.

The Public Prosecutor Bremen offers a reward of Euro 3,000 for clues that lead to the arrest and the conviction of the perpetrators.

Police Bremen are still providing the opportunity to upload pictures and videos on their portal. You can reach the portal under the following link: https://hb.hinweisportal.de/

For inquiries please contact:
Pressestelle Polizei Bremen

Thank you BM and D

15 Replies to “Police Release CCTV Footage Of Brutal Attack On AfD Politician”

  1. Excellent work getting this posted. I had just read the outrageous statements by the Bremen prosecutor aggressively downplaying the attack. Then an hour later this popped up on the Vlad Tepes Blog Youtube Channel.

    Clearly, he is not justed “elbowed” like the Bremen prosecutor said. There are parts you do not see. In what you do see, the lead Antifa bashes him with his right hand, then bashes him with his left hand, and then kicks or at least drags his right foot over the body.

    I do the Renaissance Horizon Youtube Channel and I will be reporting on this later today.

  2. So all of the damage we say in that terrible previous photo of him, with the massive gash in his skull, was from a face plant? I see no weapon and no strike to the front of him.

  3. I don’t see how anyone can identify these guys unless there are other cameras that picked them up individually elsewhere. They’re wearing the typical Antifa face covering.

  4. All these cameras everywhere these days and all we get is a grainy hazy picture. I get the feeling if the victim was from the ruling communist party the perps would have been caught already.

    • All these cameras everywhere these days and all we get is a grainy hazy picture.

      Reading Michael Crichton’s 1992 potboiler, “Rising Sun”, will give anyone with a high school edumahcation an instant tutorial on digital video processing basics.

      Considering how today’s mobile phones are sporting 10+ megapixel 1080 video cameras, those pole-mounted units in Germany should be capable of delivering much higher resolution than what those images indicate.

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