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2 Replies to “Maxime Bernier discusses the globalist nature of Trudeau’s ambitions”

  1. i love this man. I feel he’s our savior.

    He’s straight, honest, free speech advocate, provincial issues are not federal issues, anti-open border, a long list of what most of us want.

    I was looking at the election victory of the new Congo guy, totally unexpected. An outsider, an underdog. And then, I thought of Trump. And after of the new Andalusia Spain coalition.

    And I think we might have a good chance of winning the 2019 election. I’m a Maxime Bernier gal.

    BTW: the dishonest media are interviewing him now in the hope of tripping him up. But they won’t succeed. He has his convictions.

  2. Agreed. The Left’s extreme bias limits their vision, hence their surprise when Trump emerged. Bernier can jump up and down waving his arms and they won’t see him for the clear thinker that he is.

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