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9 Replies to “Jordan Peterson expresses horror at the shift to totalitarianism in the UK (Trigger warning to pugs)”

  1. Here’s what bothers me about Peterson’s riff in this video (which, by the way I think is pretty funny). He doesn’t hesitate to say “kill all the Jews” or the other anti-Semitic punch lines in the story about the Pugs, etc.

    Would Peterson ever be so bold as to make jokes about Mohammad or Islam? Hell, would any comedian dare to do so, or even someone like Sargon, the guy who got into trouble?

    The Muslims have us very well trained indeed when it comes to humor, free speech and cartoons.

    • Seneca does have a point. If we were to weight certain statements in terms of their emotional impact, terms like “Kill all the Jews” seem to have a lower impact value than say, “Mohammad was a mass murdering, genocidal, pedophile rapist war lord” which in fact is a true statement and each claim is an actual bragging point of Islam.

    • What makes you think that in the west you are not going to be killed for making jokes about muslims or islam ?
      As long there is no longer any authority of the state (or population) over “islam”…you can’t make jokes about islam or muslims.
      In the west, islam is the new “law of the land”. This is why Jordan should not make any jokes about islam or muslims. Only if he want to die.

    • During communism, you hear that the state security has taken one of your neighbors for wrong political opinions expressed in public..After 3 days you hear that the wife of your arrested neighbor must identify her dead husband. Found dead on the street…he was drunk and a truck hit the guy..
      After few days, another neighbor, very good friend with the already dead neighbor, is arrested. The poor already dead neighbor could not take any more torture and he confess with whom he was talking “against the state”.
      Next week, you have a new dead neighbor.
      When you corroborate things like that with stories you know from your family about millions of dead people because they were not excited by marxism and communism…well…you start thinking. From your very early age.
      You end up talking only with people you really know…and wait for a spark that could start the explosion against ideological masters.
      Few sparks will be wasted…many will die…but you still hope.
      Without fire arms…the only weapon you have is your body.
      This was actually exactly what happened in my country.
      Thousands after thousands killed during “wasted sparks”…until the ideological masters did a fatal mistake. And then, when there were hundreds of thousands of people on the streets in hole country, the spark was generating the fatal explosion against the ideological masters…
      Well…after few years..with help from the west and corrupted people from inside, we discovered that the old ideological masters start getting back to buttons..
      Then you start finding out that your revolution was stolen.
      Then you start to find out that the west is just a different type of communism. And you start thinking again.
      But…I was one of those people in the world risking my life for an idea, and for a short period really “drunk of happiness” for that explosion. Long time ago.

    • Oh…now I will explain the difference…
      During the communist times…we all knew that we are all against communism…the only thing we did not know was who are the real people and who are the “infiltrated” people….that’s why we needed the spark…to be able to identify “US”…those against the system.
      If we look now in our west world…well…we can clearly identify a part of “infiltrators” ..(you know…color, language)…but not all of them..because there are our few neighbors sharing the same madness with ideological masters…
      And what is very different today – life is still not so bad to be ready to die for a spark.
      When life will became hard…when people will start understanding that you must risk your life if you want to live…then we will see sparks…many sparks will be wasted….but with little luck…there will be a lucky spark.
      If that will not come too late. The new masters can get hundreds of millions of infiltrators.

      • Agree about revolution
        I suppose you live in Canada
        I have lived there for years, and I realized then long time ago that Canada is a lost county .
        I was shocked by the PC culture in Canada,I was thinking that I am back in the eastern block.
        Then I had to leave because I was vomiting all that PC .
        Never ever Canada will be saved
        They are dead and too infiltrated already

    • The Muslims have us very well trained indeed when it comes to humor, free speech and cartoons.

      This is but Muslim baby steps towards normalizing “honor killing” in the West. Even as more and more Infidels bristle at how Politically Correct speech has become Islam’s water-carrier, too few truly understand the end goal.

      This abhorrent self-censorship we are learning in dar al-harb is as nothing compared to the genetic censorship happening throughout Islam. The poignant circimstances of young Saudi refugee, Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, exemplify the way that Muslims corporeally censor the strong-willed and independent minded women from within their midst.

      This (along with consanguineous marriage) achieves genetic editing at a DNA level and it lurks, unseen by Western eyes, concealed in the folds of a million Arab thawbs.

      These pride-based homicides have come to First World nations of late and will continue widening in their scope until the blood sport of European-style murder–rape arrives on America’s shores. Only then will “honor killing” truly have arrived in the West. By that point, it may well be too late for any hope of bloodlessly eradicating such savagery.

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