Important update added: Trudeau makes his most concerning comment yet on his form of governance

Please see this correction to the translation that was sent in today for this video above:

at 1:33   it is the journalist that says affirmatively  :  “… écouter aussi évidemment… ” 
the nuance here would be …” but evidently you will also have to listen to what those are saying, don’t you ? “
the “dont’ you ? “part is not expressed by words but by the intonation 
and to that trudeau answers “… oui , mais surveiller “
and  that would be   ” yes … but to monitor (them) ” 

If that isn’t clear, lets look at these clips to add mental context:

I think this is actually 2016…

Here is a popular Quebec TV host discussing this newest shove to Orwell out of Trudeau’s mouth:

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4 Replies to “Important update added: Trudeau makes his most concerning comment yet on his form of governance”

  1. “…Conservatives…claim we will lose our sovereignty…this is ridiculous…”
    “–But Dear Leader didn’t you call Dystopia the world’s first Post-National entity? Aren’t you the real threat to our sovereignty?”
    “…We must keep an eye on anyone who disagrees with me…including distrusted media outlets…”
    “Indeed, Dear Leader, but what will be done with dissidents to your neoMarxist agenda?”
    “Quite frankly I’m as stupid as a bag of hammers, Gaston. You’ll have to ask George Soros on this. He runs both our domestic and foreign policies on anything that really matters…”

  2. Somehow it always goes back to be the conservatives’s fault. Listening to Trudeau on a French interview has the same result as listening to him on an English interview. It’s mostly verbal diarrhea. Nice hair tho’.

  3. Thanks PePo. Really good. And did you know:

    A perfect, insincere tear rolled down Dear Leader’s cheek. He stood before an unmarked grave. The irony, he thought. His critics had called him a failed actor. But was he not Dystopia’s greatest actor ever? Had he not fooled the majority of so many women and many men? The slave standing behind him cleared his throat. Dear Leader did not turn around.

    “Dear Leader, who–?”
    “–You may call me Master.”
    “Who is it Master?”
    “What is your name?”
    “I have no name.”
    “Excellent. Where are you from?”
    “I am from your post-national non-entity. I am from no where. Everywhere.”
    “Good. What is your question?
    “Who is in the grave?”

    Dear Leader spoke at once–always–to no one and to everyone. The impression was that his words were so profound that to utter them was to have them instantly etched in the eternal sky for all to behold. Convinced of his greatness, he emoted ever-mellifluously no matter the minutia of his mind.

    “It is you.”
    “You mean?”
    “Yes. I thank you for your future sacrifice and for your courage.”
    “Thank you, Master.”

    Of course, the slave was terrified. In the safety of his own thoughts, recoiled into the solace of his skull, he knew the voice within must be a stranger to the voice without. Never even in passing could one acknowledge the existence of the other. Such was the doublethink beast. As the beast grew it forced freedom into hiding in the caves of the minds of strong men.

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