Protests against Orban, and the enormity of fake news

UPDATE: Please read this post at Gates of Vienna for a much more thorough description of the players and events. This is worth the click.

Zoltan speaks on the astro-turf, Soros paid fake protests against Orban’s right to work law:

Short segment of popular Hungarian TV show on these demonstrations. If you really want to know what happened, read some of the comments under this video at Youtube. People who were actually there write on the coverage by Western media, which has nothing to do with the actual event. As we have come to expect.

Here are a few sample comments transplanted from Youtube:

I was there. I was going home from work (because unlike them I work) and it was 2 streets away from my daily route, so I took this small bypass to see them. Hard to tell, but there was only a couple of thousand people then. But even if there were 15000 people at some time, it’s still nothing compared to the pro-gov marches where hundreds of thousands were marching representing their support towards the government.

And about the leftist media:

A Hungarian radical/far left blog wrote in the title: “Orbán is right to dreed – the mass is huge and continuously growing” And they illustrated it with a picture about a huge mass on an avenue in Budapest. Well…. No need to be a rocket scientist to notice that the trees are green and the sun is shinning like hell in that image. That’s not a typical December day in Hungary. (The daily temp was around -5°C / 23°F in the recent days.) Now you may think that this image was not taken on this protest but somewhere else, and you’re right. Because it was taken on one of those PRO-government marches I mentioned earlier. What is this if not fucking pathetic bitterness when the left needs to illustrate their anti-gov, anti-right wishful dreams with pro-gov, pro-right images??? One would think they can’t sink lower. But as far as I know our lefty opposition, they can surprise us.

(And if somebody doesn’t believe it, here the article:

Another wonderful segment from the same show:

More Euronews BS:


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5 Replies to “Protests against Orban, and the enormity of fake news”

  1. The first Zsolt Bayer video here just under the Kovacs one, the burly fellow who speaks at the end:
    Note the resolve. “…screw with the order…” he says. They understand exactly the machinations at play and they are not watching helplessly. Retribution can and will be swift and brutal to these communist agitators once their patience is done. “…I say it from here…”

    And he did.

  2. CrossWare makes a very astute observation over at GoV. These “protesters” represent the pointy tip of the globalist army and this will not end soon. Orban is too much of a pain in the rear to the EU and to the Open Borders Society. Problem is there’s no easy fix. Strong action against these neoMarxists and western medi will vilify Orban and confirm their biases. Do nothing and you allow them to spread lies and deceit. In the market of ideas this would probably be fine, except they also bring with them violence as we now see in the west.

  3. I was on Andrássy út last thursday…there were at most a few hundred people there blocking one end. 15,000 is a complete and utter fabrication.

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