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9 Replies to “Looking objectively at the skills of the migrants into Germany”

  1. Excellent. This man illustrates the fundamental failing of all western socialist democracies–that they all are, or will be, in varying states of bankruptcy. No country can successfully overburden (tax) its productive class.

    I believe this fact is well known to Globalists, and that they see fanastic money to be made in failed states. The tax payers will all still pay, and services will still be provided. However they, the captains of government-priviledged crony industries, will capture ever-greater market share. One need only compare the plights of peripheral European countries. Priviledged and free Greece descended into a vassal state role, while the V4 nations have stubbornly cast off this same role which their EU masters had planned for them as well. That is, suppliers of labour and materials for the core (German) industrial machine.

    • You are right but you are forgetting that the leftist totalitarians are interested in money as a symbol of their power, power is what motivates them. Look at how Pelosi and company (I am using US pols because I don’t now the Canadian ones) want the money and the comfort it brings but are happy only when they have the power to force large numbers of people to change how they do things.

      Money buys comforts and is useful counters as to who is winning the game but it is power they want, the closer to absolute power they can get the better they like it.

    • Yes, “our” elite already do have more money than they’ll ever need … yet, dictators in impoverished nations live larger than them (foreign “aid” the vintage wine). Black Pilled has an interesting video on this; on changing the population to one that is far easier to control BECAUSE they are IQ72 morons, by and large. Smart people are troublesome, individuals more so.

      The Orcs of Islam are on their way and George Sauron has a lot to do with it.

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