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12 Replies to “The Fascist little Jacobins of ANTIFA in Portland”

  1. Some time in the future (hopefully soon) the various governments in the US are going to have to do something about antifa and its violence.

    • Woopie do, They all are following Alinski’s book using ridicule. I’d just tell them they’re upset and projecting and “I know you are but what about me”

    • Those little snow flakes work!! Of course not, they are still living with Mom and Dad who are probably happy to support the budding fascist social justice warriors.

      • Yeah, the Police should be doing more to stop the antifa crowd, the fact that they don’t shows that their political masters have ordered them to show up and prevent violence at the main protest site. What happens around the corners or in the allies doesn’t seem to bother the police. This attitude is going to get a lot of people hurt in the near future.

        Remember that the goal of Soros and the other Leftist Puppet Masters is to create so much chaos that the US becomes ungovernable, that is when the Puppet Masters will put forward some Strong Man or Strong Woman to take over and stop the violence. I don’t know about what the people in the big cities are going to do but the people out in the country aren’t going to accept strong man rule. And there are a lot of us with a lot of retired military people to lead us in resistance to the left and their strong man.

        • There’s no mass protest by the police protesting stand-down orders.
          They don’t get a pass for “just following orders” that violate their mandate to “protect and serve”.

          The police in these leftist communities are just like their neighbors. Important to know who’s what when the shtf.

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