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6 Replies to “Teen applauded at contest for anti-migrant verse in Germany amid AfD rise”

  1. Were the British elite remotely interested in fulfilling the mandate given to them to leave the EU they would have taken a much stronger negotiating position than they have given the situation in Germany. It is now clear Merkel will be gone within months and Germany and the EU will be in turmoil. The UK has by far the upper hand, but refuses to use its far superior bargaining power exactly because the elites do not want to damage the EU…they still believe they can fool the majority of Brits and keep the country tethered to the EU until such times they believe they can call another vote and win….one reason they won’t be stopping uncontrolled immigration any time soon since they know those coming in will vote to remain.

  2. Once \Merkel is gone the EU is toast, it looks like the EU is going to collapse about the time the Dems hopes of taking control of Congress collapse.

  3. This pommie reporter is such a wuss.

    The AfD is nationalistic, of course. But its not “right-wing” and its not a Nazi party. This Nazis under the bed BS has to stop. But what can one expect from a pom on Russia TV?

    • It is the classic Marxist attempt at stiring up Diversity. Anyone who looks at a female the wrong way is a rapist, and anyone who looks an immigrant the wrong way is a Nazi where both face Hate Crime sentences.

      This constant intimidation from government and their media turns their victims – the frightened public – into herds of fight or flight reactionaries, of imprinted “If they are Far Right Nazis we must stop them!” Or “If we are Far Right Nazis then we’ll show them!.”

      There will not, and can never be allowed to be, a middle ground based on any rationalization of truth.

      Russia Today, CBC, BBC and so on, are creating and then stoking the divide. When the two opposing groups of Imported-Fascists (Islam) and Nationalists (indigenous) have in battle exhausted themselves, the masses will clamour for the strong-arm safety of Marxism.

      This is how Russia and China were first taken over. The European State is heading to its Revolution as planned. The cull of the intelligent, by the Army of debt-ridden Students they created, will match the 60 million deaths in Russia and 100 million death in China.

      Before our very eyes.

      • An articulate summary on the abolishion of all mid-spectrum political views, PC, thanks. Mild conservativism criminalized.

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