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14 Replies to “How the left debates abortion in Toronto”

  1. Nothing like kicking a girl to show how tough you are. But look at the capricious and playful mischief of his violence. I find it quite easy to imagine such a creep committing a far worse act if he believes he can do so with impunity.

  2. I remember reading that the Nazis were jovial and humorous like that as they threw the Jewish professors out of the second-story windows and smashed the windows of the Jewish Delis. I’ve also seen videos of ISIS members being very jovial as they toss some poor guy off a cliff as he cries in fear. That young prick in the video thinks he has the same green light to commit unlimited violence against his “Nazi” enemies that the Brownshirts though they had against the Jews and the communists and the gays and the Gypsies etc. He has been recruited by the dark side and is obviously dangerous and malevolent. You can see he really wants to hurt somebody…

    • Another interesting connection between these groups: A Liberal-Bolsheviks, the Nazis, the Communists and the Muslims are ALL COLLECTIVISTS.

  3. Dear Vlad

    The assailant’s name is Jordan Hunt.

    He is a hairdresser and is employed by the Noble Studio 101 located in Toronto, Ontario.

    Jordan Hunt has been doxed and outed on dozens of websites so this personal information is no secret.

    Jordan Hunt has deleted his profile on the Noble website here:


    But Google Cache has Jordan Hunt here:


    Jordan Hunt is a criminal and has been treated with kid-gloves by the Mass Media and by the Toronto Police Service.

    But what is more troubling is that the young woman, Marie-Claire Bissonette, who was assaulted seems to be under the impression that persons can be reported, criminally charged, tried, convicted and punished without her having to show up. This is quite problematic.

    Marie-Claire Bissonette needs to file a criminal complaint against this Marxist vermin and see a tril through to its end. This way this animal will have a criminal record and be on police radar.

    Hope this helps

    Calgary, Alberta

      • As we saw in the film, Oh Canada! (Now Killing Canada) Marc Lebuis demonstrated that the CHRC simply does not act against leftists or muslims. They do their activism by selective enforcement of their own mandate and rules.

        The definition of totalitarian in my books.

      • Johnnyu, they wouldn’t take that case, just as they never take any cases against Mohammadan’s and their “sermons” of actual hate. There’s a privilege going ’round that seeks to “right” the so-called “wrongs” of the past, present and esp. the future.

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